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2010 End Of The Year Wrap Up!

Since starting this blog in 2009 I have added a few features that have taken Morning Erection into directions I never would have thought possible. Once a month I feature poetry in a segment called Poetic License. Bloggers who write poetry have bent over backwards in allowing me to use their works on this site. Poetic License has been well received and it has been beneficial for both me and the poets as we both gain readers. Starting next month Poetic License will be posted on the first Monday of every month.

I’ve been lucky to have people willing to guest post for me. On the first Saturday of every month a different blogger has shared very informative, insightful and pertinent information from their hearts.

Most recently I began conducting interviews. The interviews are informal in a magazine/newspaper style. I have asked a few of the most interesting and creative people I have come across on the Internet to allow me to interview them. The schedule I will be keeping for the interviews is every other month on the 15th.

Here are a few images I was going to use for different posts but I never made the posts so they were left out, or I collected too many photos for a certain post. The first two are Wolf Blitzer doing the Dougie at the BET Awards, then Let Me In poster and premiere night. Also the show that got canceled, Undercovers.

August 28
My most popular post next to the meme was the Most Beautiful Girl In The World and this January I will be posting another post very similar to it. April and I have also spent a lot of time putting together a poll that involves questions for girls/women about their childhood and teen years.

September 22
Chef Ming Tsai did not become the Next Iron Chef and maybe it was due to arrogance but I don’t think so. Even now a month later, I am still very upset. Ce la vie! The winner of the Next Iron Chef was Chef Marc Forgione. Who knew!

November 28
Urban Legends: Believe it or not all three stories are absolutely true, however only the first story about having a gun pointed in my face was true about me. I did not notice the armored car that was getting the money from the store when I ran to grab the tennis ball. The guard just wanted to protect himself and guard the truck, I suppose. It scared me and I think scarred me for life. Not a very pleasant thing to have happen. Congratulations to the many who guessed number one?

December 1
Nude Dinner Party: When I first posted the invitation on November 16th, I didn’t know I was going to make it a nude dinner party but since it wasn’t real, why not! Most everyone invited showed up and even some unexpected guests showed up for the movie. All but a very few got naked for the event and it might be something I plan again next year! Not really.

December 12
I was nervous but I think the community meme was a success. There were some participants that were unsure about what time zone to post in and a few who forgot to mention they wanted to be a part of it. If you would like to visit a few sites that might not have had the five comments, visit these: Quianna’s Blog and Tour De Web. Scott cannot figure out how to add comments to his microblog and Quianna’s internet was down. At least visit QuiannaK’s blog and spread some comments her way! It’s never too late. If you would like to start a meme with a lot less rules and great questions, I would be interested in taking part in that. There is already plans in the working by one of the participants to create his own meme with a possible February date.

What I found most interesting about the meme was the answer to question six. “What would you do with your last day if you found you had only one more day to live? We are bloggers, right? The meme was for bloggers, right. Only one person (of the posts that I read) stated he would leave one last post on his blog. Does anyone who participated in the meme have a plan in place to notify your readers and visitors in the event you die?

December 29
Lady T, Teena Marie passed away on December 26th. If you would like to listen to one of my favorite Teena songs, you can watch on YouTube. It’s a live version of Casanova Brown.

Final Thoughts

According to some of the female visitors there has been a disproportionate amount of photos and wallpaper of women compared to men. This has been pointed out to me on several occasions. So, some time in the upcoming year (probably in April), I have prepared two posts strictly for women of male nudes (the first post, rated PG-13 and the second NC-17). After these posts I don’t want to hear anymore complaining. I am just warning you to either look forward to it or know when to steer clear of the site at that time. I don’t feel like I am caving into my readers, instead I feel like I am catering to them. I don’t just write this blog for myself. I write because I like visitors and I want you to continue visiting because you enjoy what I present. Just know that the second post is most definitely NSFW.

My Morning Erection wouldn’t be the same without you, the faithful visitor! I look forward to continue blogging in 2011. If you have any additional ideas for posts I am very interested in hearing them as well. Like last year I hope my content gets better as I continue to blog and I hope I will see you all next year. Be safe and Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is New Years Day and my guest blogger Iris Orpi will take front stage. The post tomorrow is a piece titled Déjà vu. I can assure you, you will enjoy reading her writing. Her blog is Cognac For The Soul but she also has six other sites you can visit. I apologize that this Saturday is a holiday because it could effect the amount of traffic to her post.

Iris Orpi will be guest blogging

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2009 End Of The Year Wrap Up!

Hard to fathom the first decade of the 21st century is almost over. Doesn’t it seem that time has sped up? The work day still seems long for those who are working but time as a whole is going by faster to me. Maybe that’s what happens when you’re in your thirties.

2009 End Of The Year Wrap Up! This is the post where I respond back to questions or responses that I have mentioned in previous posts. I have been lucky to get at least one comment on almost every post that I published, however because I don’t have a large following or even lots of people subscribed, lots of post go ignored. Many of you know what I mean. You ask a question and nobody answers.

Regardless, here are the updates. Oh, don’t forget to stop back next year, same date for 2010’s update! Happy New Year to my friends half way across the globe!

October 1, 2009
Desktop Screenshots: I had asked if anyone who wanted to would send in a screenshot of their desktop. One person emailed me their desktop. You can still email your screenshots if you like. It’s never too late to comment or email me about any post. This was sent in by Steve Jarvis.
Lake District of Windermere


October 2, 2009
Michael Jackson Tribute Album: I came up with a list of artists I would like to see sing Michael Jackson songs on a tribute album. Some people liked my ideas and a few came up with their own.

Fiona Apple – Human Nature
Jennifer Hudson – Will You Be There
Beyoncé – Whatever Happens
Justin Timberlake – The Way You Make Me Feel
India Arie, Marsha Ambrosious (from floetry) or Musiq Soulchild – You Are Not Alone
John Mayer featuring Christina Aguilera or Pink – The Way You Make Me Feel
Norah Jones – Human Nature
U2 – Stranger In Moscow


October 25, 2009
Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered: This is a post based on Arsenio Hall’s Things That Make You Go Hmmm. A listed a few things that if you took the time to think about them, they just don’t make any sense. 69Times added What happens to your rug if you spill carpet cleaner? to the list. Thanks.


October 30, 2009
Your Favorite Blog Post On Your Blog: Because the more links you have pointing to your blog means a greater chance of getting placed higher on search engine rankings, I created a post allowing all visitors to post a link to their favorite blog post from their own blog. Several people responded.

Blog: Nerds of the Round Table
Post: BSG Season 4 Soundtrack (

Blog: The JazzMonger
Post: Maurice White, Penguins & Single-Parent Homes (

Blog: The Sexy Geek Files
Post: My Blogalicious Weekend: (

Blog: Miss Viola’s Blog
Post: Five ways to redeem yourself (

I really wish more people would add to this list. It may not be much but it could be the start of lots more people visiting your blog. This is a well visited page but people are not leaving their information. The four people who have left their information can tell you that they receive visitors from my site.


November 11, 2009
Honeymoon Help: I created a poll and asked for ideas for where April and I should honeymoon. I received 8 responses but as you know I surprised April with a wedding in Las Vegas on December 14th. Honeymoon was also in Las Vegas. We stayed there until December 24th.

2 votes for Rio de Janeiro
2 votes for Kauai, Hawaii
1 vote for Cornwall, England
1 vote for London, England
1 vote for Tokyo, Japan
1 vote for Rome, Italy


November 26, 2009
Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments: I used Kanye West as an example for most embarrassing moment, but I fear he might not be done. He’s still young. Many people left their most embarrassing moment and I promised to leave mine here.

I was sitting on the toilet, I think I was 13. Don’t know why I forgot to lock the bathroom door. Even though I’m in my bedroom’s bathroom and no one ever comes down to my room; that day somebody did. My friend’s father had a collection of Penthouse Forum magazines. He brought one over to me and I was reading it while going to the bathroom.

In walked my mom. Any normal startled individual would have quickly hid the book, cupped his crotch and yelled, “GET OUT” or something like that. Instead I stood straight up and put the magazine behind my back. First, I stood naked (with and erection) in front of my mother. Second, the bathroom for obvious reasons didn’t smell all that great and third she came in and grabbed the magazine from me and my aunt peeked in to see what was going on. Even after my mom left and closed the door behind her, I was still standing there frozen. To make matters worse my mother blamed my father for having filthy magazines in the house where I could get to them. My most embarrassing moment also got my father in trouble for something he had nothing to do with.

This was time consuming. Maybe I won’t do this next December. I do want to take this time to thank all who have visited my blog. Morning Erections wouldn’t be the same without you! I am overwhelmed and eager to continue blogging. I hope my content gets better as I go and I will see you all next year. Be safe and Happy New Year!


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