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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 29

I just created a mixed CD for someone who had been deaf all their life. The 15 artists and songs I chose are…

I could not possibly even pretend to know what it would be like; the joy, the overwhelming fear and awe in hearing your first sound after being deaf for a lifetime. I think after they listened to my CD I would want them to hear James Earl Jones too. Here is my list:

Concerto #21 – Mozart
Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
Dangerously In Love – Beyoncé
Portuguese Love – Teena Marie
Torna A Surriento – Placido Domingo
God (instrumental) – Prince
Yesterday – The Beatles
Unforgettable – Nat King Cole
Tainted Love – Soft Cell
A House Is Not A Home – Luther Vandross
Break Of Dawn – Michael Jackson
Do Re Mi – Julie Andrews
I’m Alright – Kenny Loggins
I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston
You Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest

If there was room for another song I would have to include O’ Holy Night by Yolanda Adams. I think there is a nice sample of some of my favorites. As I thought of the songs to include it reminded me of when Commander Data first tasted a drink in Ten Forward and he didn’t like it. He had just put in his emotion chip and even though he hated what he was drinking he drank it all and asked for more. I imagine the person listening to my taste in music might have a similar reaction.

If you’ve never seen the scene I’m talking about, please watch it. It’s only 56 seconds and significantly explains how some people feel about my musical taste until it grows on them!

Tomorrow is Saturday. It’s time for another guest post segment. Saber Hodson is my special guest this month and you will be happy to know her post is about Syphilis. I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself all manner of things. No, she’s not a doctor or ill herself! Just come back tomorrow to have your curiosity satiated.

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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 28

There is a scandalous article in the newspaper about me today. Something from my past. Most likely it’s about…

More than likely it is about my spying or some might call voyeurism as a teenager. If I was running for some political office one of the girls that I used to spy on when my sister had her sleepovers may have known I was doing it. To this day I really believe (person to be nameless) had, in certain circumstances actually made it possible for me to see her and some of her friends undressing or naked. I suspected that this one girl was an exhibitionist and knew what I was up to long before I realized it, and she liked it.

Why would this girl who liked being seen turn me in to the newspapers? Maybe she’s not a member of the same political party I am. Perhaps she doesn’t know I destroyed all the photos. Or maybe, just maybe she feels some kind of guilt that she facilitated in helping me see the other girls. I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers but now that I told on myself there is no need for that article to appear. Better yet, at this point in my life, and no political ambitions, who would care?

Of course I can’t prove it but if something scandalous appeared in the newspaper about me, it would either be that or one other thing. Since the question doesn’t specify that I reveal more than I have to, that is all the information you need with this particular honesty session! Curious?

Saber Hodson of What Is Up With That?!? will be my guest blogger on June 4th. I say with a smirk on my face that you will surely enjoy the subject matter. Make sure you check out her site before June 4th and make sure you come back here Saturday to read the post!

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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 27

Something I really hate about myself is…

Is also the very thing that I like about myself. I’m complex, I know but you are too. I’m a very passionate, sensual and a sexual person. All of that I like about myself. It is a positive aspect of myself and it can be seen reflected in lots of my posts.

I also hate that about myself because of how I came to be that passionate, sensual person and some of the things I have done, especially in my teen years. I’m not beating myself up for past events but if you have been following the past 26 Blogging Honesty posts, you know what I’m talking about.

To make matters worse, I hate that there is anything that I let bother me to the point where I can say I hate something about myself. Then again, I’m only human.

This coming Saturday there will be another guest post. This time it is by Saber Hodson of What Is Up With That?!? I think you will be a little caught off guard by the subject matter, but as always with Saber, it will be a great post. Saber is a friend of Morning Erection. One of her photos can be seen in the Tri-Annual Poetic License Magazine. Check out her site before June 4th and make sure you come back here on that date to read her post!

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