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Planning To Post Everday In February

February is a short month. Even during Leap Year’s February is still the shortest month of the year. If you have been following this blog for any length of time you might have noticed that I usually post every other day. Whenever something interesting happens on the days I don’t plan on posting I have added additional posts. I’ve decided to try to make a post every day during this month.

I took the coward’s route and chose the shortest month but I never claimed not to be a coward. I am going to make a strong effort not to post wallpaper, photos or short change you in any way with ‘filler’ posts. If however I have already scheduled a certain day during to February to make a photography post, I am not going to move it to March. In addition, I plan to share at least one recipe. I was requested to do so in January and have scheduled another soup recipe, I think?

If you have yet to become a subscribed visitor to Morning Erection, perhaps now is a good time.

In addition to trying to find enough material to fill 28 days, (now I sound like a stand up comedian), I also intend to add a history fact at the end of every post to acknowledge Black History Month.

Make sure to stop back on February 6, 2010 for our newest guest blogger, JeLisa Sterling-Smith from …And The Lived Blogging Happily Ever After.


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