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Happy Anniversary April Baker

One year of marriage. One year of heaven on earth.

To My Beautiful, Wonderful, Selfless Wife April…
Who Cooks In The Kitchen and the Bedroom!

Thank you for making this past year the most wonderful year of my entire life. Thanks for putting up with me, for understanding me
and for loving me even when you don’t.

I thought when we wed that I knew what love was. I couldn’t have known what it was
or else my love for you wouldn’t have grown over the past 365 days.

Being my wife is great. Being your husband is great as well,
but I must admit that being friends with you has been the glue that has helped me be a better husband
and has kept us both grounded. You are truly wonderful.

There is more I could write, but that’s private. I love you and always will!


Fade to black……….

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