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I Would Like To Publish Your Favorite Blog Post

No silly, I’m not a publisher. I’m barely a writer! Inspired by the latest issue of the Poetic License I am working on, I thought I could gather together my blogging friends and ask them if they would like me to put together a similar project that would bundle together their best or favorite (one) post from their blog, alongwith other bloggers best work. Run on sentence much? I would create a magazine style format, much like I did with Poetic License.

If you are at all interested please leave a link to the post you want included. Please make sure the post is 100% yours to reproduce including all images. To be included you also have to create a post inviting your visitors to participate as well. I would like to give any and everybody the opportunity to be included. If we are fortunate enough to have more than 50 bloggers who want to participate I will create different volumes. Even if you own more than one blog, please just one post* per person, not per blog. If you have read a blog post by someone and you consider it the best they have done, be sure to let them know about this.
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