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The Great News Concerning Our Friend Anne

There is great news in triplicate! First, Anne has decided to seek help at a facility where she can get the counseling that she needs and we need for her to have. She is still in the process of making arrangements but it looks as if she will be going soon.

The second part of the good news is so many wonderful friends of this blog have given her words of encouragement and hopefully new and lasting friendships will be forged. I have told Anne that she can think of me as family. She liked the idea and now calls me Kuya, which means older brother in Tagalog. Sometimes the friendships we make in life are closer than that of family so I welcome Anne as my little sister.

Thirdly, Anne has requested books while she is in the facility. Iron Cook Carl has volunteered to take care of sending and collecting the books. There isn’t much time to get them to her and postage is expensive because books are so heavy. She will have no contact with the outside (no phones, television or internet). I am sure she will also want more books when she gets out of the rehabilitation facility. For that reason, if you would like to contribute a book (new or used) or money for postage, you can contact Carl through my contact page. I will forward all email to him and he can give you his address. She likes fallen angel novels but will read anything – probably even magazines.

The great news is Anne is seeking help. Please don’t feel obligated or compelled to help with the postage or books if it is not within your means. I am just making the need known. Thank you all! For everyone who visited her blog and left comments I thank you. For everyone who wanted to but didn’t have the words, I thank you too. For all the prayers, even more thanks!

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