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If Love Was A Food…

Freshly blanched pistachios for dessert cooker...

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I have to first confess that I stole this idea from another blog I visited last year. I apologize that I don’t remember the blog but I did confess to the blogger that I liked the idea so much that I was stealing it to use on my site. I hoping she doesn’t mind. I must also confess that I am writing this post to use in February of 2011 and at the time of writing this post, my comment on her site is still waiting moderation.

My answer was pistachios. Of all the wonderful and delectable desserts and snacks out there, I could be satisfied with just eating pistachios for the rest of my life. That is a huge statement because I love butter almond ice cream, strawberry shortcake, sugar cookies, carrot cake, and the list goes on and on and on… Still I know I could live without all of those because of how much I love pistachios. Love is like pistachios because there are many wonderfully beautiful women in the world, but I can live without all of them as long as I have April. Wow! I am amazing!

If love was a food, what would it be for you?

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