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For Your Information

I wrote this post in a hurry as I’m walking out of the door; I will be offline for the next 9 hours to take care of some business but I wanted this post to be read tomorrow. If anything does not make sense, sorry in advance. Well some interesting things are and are not happening here at Morning Erection.

Community Network Meme – July 2012

To begin with, I should have the questions for the July meme to everyone participating, emailed to you by the close of business Monday. There are twenty questions. I think these questions are much easier than those from last year as well as the 30 Days of Blogging Honesty. That is not to say the questions are not good ones, they are. I just think they don’t require as much time to complete and that makes for an easier response time.

Below is the list of people who expressed interest in the meme and who will be mailed a list. If you are interested and do not find you name below, please email me. Remember you are not to share this list of twenty questions with anyone. Not everybody who could have submitted a guest, did so. My friend Roshni from Roshrulez’s Weblog helped with at least six of the questions, one of which will be used for the December meme. Thank you Roshni.

Everyone who wants in must contact me for the questions and everyone must use the graphic above. One more very important change to note; the meme is now July 1st and not July 8th as previously announced.

Guest Blogger – June

And in other news, I have not heard from Daniel Dockery in almost two months but fear not, Jacqui from SocialSistersBlog has graciously stepped into her guesting shoes and will be the guest blogger for June. Please check out her blog and be sure to come back on Saturday June 2nd to read her post.

Meme Participants (a final list will be posted if there are any additions or subtractions)

Amy Russo
Shira (Nenskei)
Tom Baker

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Community Network Memes Are Now Biannual

I have decided to make the meme-like event double the fun. This year the meme will be presented twice. First on July 1st and then again on Dec. 9th. Same rules, same format, hopefully the same folks (somebody go remind Sylvia Garza about this one). She missed the last one.

Everyone from last year’s meme agreed that it was lots of fun. Again our goal is the same. To have everyone who participated last year to do so again in addition to also trying to find at least one other person to play along.

Just a reminder to all who were a part of the December meme. The questions for the two memes are supposed to come from you. Without your two questions there will be no meme or I will have to come up with them. How boring if I have to come up with them. If you have not already please come up with two questions (one for July and one for December) and send them to me lickety-split.


The idea of the meme is to post questions that many bloggers will answer and do so on the same day and time. Then visit other bloggers, read their responses and leave meaningful comments. Many new friendships were made last year that still exist today and many new readers were gained for many bloggers. Last year Sunday Stealing found my blog and posted their answers days in advance of the day we chose. No big deal, however this year I have taken steps to prevent the premature posting of answers. Here is how the July 2012 meme will work.

1. If you want to participate, send a message to me using my contact page and in turn I will email you a copy of the meme questions.

2. You will compose your answers in a post along with the Meme graphic (not the one from above) and schedule the post for July 8th at 12.01 am EDT. Last year everyone posted at 12.01 EST based on time zones and not on clocks. A time zone map will be provided.

3. A master list of everyone participating will be generated and posted along with your answers in this July so you will be able to pick which random blogs you would like to visit.

Community Network Rules of Participation

(a) You must agree not to post your answers until everyone else does.
(b) You must agree that you will visit at least five blog links that you have never visited before and leave a comment on their responses. You are also encouraged to visit them all.
(c) You must answer each of the twenty questions and do so with more than a simple yes or no response. You can be as funny as you want with your responses but you cannot avoid answering the question.
(d) You must post the entire Master Meme Blog List of blogs participating, regardless of how long the list may grow to be, below your answered questions.
(e) You must title your post the same as everyone else, “Community Network Meme 2012”.
(f) You must direct all interested parties to Morning Erection’s Contact Page to get the questions. You may not give them a copy of yours. Remember, we are trying to avoid Sunday Stealing from stealing and posting before we do. In December 2011 I shared the questions with them and they posted the meme the following Saturday for their band of merry thieves.
(g) You must promote the Community Network Meme at least once on Facebook or some other form of social media, even if it is just your own blog to get more bloggers to participate. Provide the link back to this original post so they can post this in its entirety on their blogs, just like we do.
(h) When bloggers visit your post on the day of the meme and leave comments you are obligated to reply to each and every one on the day of the meme and at least for one day after. If you don’t like to reply to comments after those two days, feel free not to.
(i) If you would like to participate and write the post in your language and not English, feel free to translate it or you could post both translations.
(j) Make sure to either vote for or like the post appropriately if the blogger is using the WordPress platform.
(k) You must use the designed graphic on your meme post (the above graphic is not the official graphic for the July meme).

If this is all very confusing, please check out last years posted answers. I am extremely happy to announce this years questions (both in July and December) will all be mostly contributed by last years participants. This took the stress and pressure off of one or just a few bloggers.

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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Thoughts On

It was a lot of work. It was very hectic but most of all it was fun. To sum my thoughts up in a single word on the 30 Days of Blogging Honesty; impressive.

  • I was impressed with the way everyone interacted with one another the most. I noticed that comments and replies to posts were not just from blogger to blogger but also crossed over into other blogs and the same conversation continued to another blogger’s post.
  • I was impressed that everyone respected other viewpoints on subjects they might not agree with.
  • I was also impressed to see people not involved in the challenge leaving comments and traveling to different blogs and leaving comments for the first time.
  • I was impressed with the feeling of community and comradery. It wasn’t just one person leaving comment after comment. People took the time to read other comments and replied to them as well.

My question to everyone who took part is two-fold. First, how did you feel about the challenge and do you feel you will continue visiting some of the blogs that were new to you at first? Secondly, there are different levels of honesty. Would you say that you were completely honest in most of your responses or were you just honest?

I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the challenge this year. There is a meme taking place in July if you would like to be a part of that and another one in December. And yes, we will have another Honesty challenge this coming February. Woo-hoo!

Let’s try to get some more men to participate, if only for my sake. But don’t think for one moment that I don’t love being surrounded by twenty plus woman and being the only male. Thank you Sajeev for joining the pack. I have also thanked you on the Handshakes, Hugs & Kisses page but again, thank you everyone who took this month-long journey and a special thank you to Cherlyn for coming up with most of the questions.

That’s all I got.

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