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More Wallpaper

I’m thinking it’s my uncanny knack for finding wallpaper that not many people have on their desktop that has people emailing me every week to post more. Here are a few more that I came across while ‘internetting’ when April was in the hospital.


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Desktop Wallpaper For Your New Computer

A spike in visitors to my wallpaper posts suggest to me that many a person got a new computer for Christmas. I suppose some are getting a computer for the first time and some just upgrades but it doesn’t matter. Here are a few more that I hope you’ve never seen before.


Be aware that Chris Ferrell will be guest posting on January 2, 2010. Please stop by and read his post. It promises to be a good one.


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50 More Desktop Wallpaper, By Request 1024 x 768


Recently I received a request to post some more wallpaper in 1024 x 768 resolution. I searched the hard drive and was able to find some relics from olden days and a few new ones. These are those images.


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