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Sometimes Someone Else’s Words Suffice

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Friends & Neighbors

Does anyone remember a time when you or your parents would bring a covered dish, perhaps a dessert to the new neighbors? I do and I think it is a tradition that should stand, providing you are a good cook (smile). I got the idea for this from a friend who just today had a neighbor borrow some sugar. I thought that was so old skool that my mind came up with this post.

In that same vein, I would like you to welcome a few of our WordPress neighbors to our little family here. It would be difficult to provide any sort of edible gesture, but if you could visit, welcome and leave a comment, I for one would be most appreciative and would jump through hoops to try to show you just how much I appreciate it. Not all of the blogs/bloggers listed below are new to WordPress. Some have been blogging for quite awhile but they are new to me and perhaps you too.

Visiting these blogs could prove both beneficial to the new neighbor and to you as a new friendship could bloom. I will try to do this once a month or at least as the neighborhood grows. Also, the below listed blogs do not account for the total number of blogs I have been blessed to visit. I did not know I was going to do this so there are those I have inadvertently left out. Please feel free to include yourself in the comment section. No doubt I have the best friends on WordPress and they will be most happy to visit you too.

Next time I hope to keep a more accurate account. Two of the fine bloggers mentioned below have already agreed to guest post for me! Information included with the blog is from their about page. If they don’t have one, I did not write anything. Let’s not all pick from the top! I can’t help thinking about Mr. Fred Rogers.

Friends & Neighbors

Turner Watson – Full-time radio idiot.  Seriously, they pay me to be an idiot.  I’m also a part-time writer/blogger.

MikeThompkins – Aspiring to become either a broadcast journalist and anchor for television news or a child/teen psychologist/guidance counselor.

Diary of a Sagittarius – A wife, mom & lover of life just trying to survive like the rest of you.

Fay Moore: I Want To Be A Writer – This blog records the journey I am taking from novice dreamer to professional author. Just moved into the neighborhood from Blogger.

Thoughts From A Jaded Heart – Having few people I trust to disclose my inner thoughts fully to, I chose to start a blog.  I hoped that by making my words public (albeit anonymous) that it would help more than just writing notes to myself.

FireAndRabbits -It’s sort of become a journey of healing for me as I try to accomplish my goals and obtain wellness in the face of bi-polar disorder.

PhotosDesignsWritings – I photograph. Design. Braid. Write. Sometimes I think way too much. I Laugh. Smile. Love. Learn. Grow. I bleed just like you. Could we judge less and embrace more?

MissMichelleXie – I’m 20 and have absolutely no clue of where I’m heading.

Bunny Ears & Bat Wings – Mom and wife. Freelance writer and editor. Book reviewer. Tea drinker. “The Walking Dead” fanatic

Southern Cricut Lady – Vanessa. Remember that show “thirtysomething”? Yeah, I never watched it either but it’s a good description of my age. I’m from the “South”, I’m a “lady” as in a “getting up there in age” female, and I enjoy making cards with my Cricut.

PsyKoilogy – I am not psychotic but I have tendencies to talk to myself and see things in a different way. I like to call my “psychotic” moments as conversations with the wall. I like talking to the wall…it does not talk back.

Snotting Black – I dream of moving to San Francisco and making a living writing things in English, my mother tongue. I would also like a unicorn puppy that poops butterflies.

Hot Pink Underwear – It’s just that I REALLY want to mention my attractive “unmentionables,” and while I’m at it, I’ve got these scandalous stories lurking in my mind and imaginary people carrying on at all hours about this and that.

TheBlogOfAnnaRae As you would guess, I enjoy writing as well as photography and music. You could say they are my big three, however, my real number 1 is Jesus Christ. He saved my life and I try to live for him everyday. I mess up daily in my walk with him but he never leaves me. You could say I’ve found my true love!

This Is Just ME – I am just an ordinary girl who loves to talk, to travel and to make people laugh. I am also a girl who seriously falls in love with someone who deserves my heart.

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Redux: Read Blogs And The Like Button Option

In my haste to create and schedule a post for yesterday I wrote a sloppy and poorly put together post. I did not go far enough into depth on the one subject I meant to address and also filled the post with unnecessary content. I neglected to mention important facts and mentioned unimportant, non pertinent matters. Basically I was a bad blogger. This post attempts to rectify the problem and address head on my point.

From your WordPress Landing page (it’s what I call it) you have many options. Usually when you arrive at the landing page what you see is the Freshly Pressed page, however, there are also a variety of tools and other tabs at your disposal and many places you can go from there. If you notice in the far left hand corner you will see the WordPress logo.

From both the landing page’s Read Blogs tab and from the drop down menu on the WordPress logo you can access the blogs you follow without ever visiting the blog itself.

I’m positive when WordPress created this feature it was to give us followers the ability to quickly scan what could be hundreds of blogs we might follow and then decide whether or not the topic and brief introduction to that post was interesting enough to warrant clicking on to finish reading the full post at the writers blog.

From this Read Blogs page which you can see above, you get a synopsis of the post along with the ability to reblog the post or like the post. If you click the like button frim here as I have witnessed many spammers do, it gives bloggers the false impression that someone has taken the time to come to their blog and read what was written and then clicked the like button. To me, it is another avenue for spammers. I don’t mean everyone who does this is spamming. I’m strictly reserving this post for those who do do it just to bring attention to them and or their blog. Some bloggers are taking advantage of the convenience and leaving writers to believe their content was read. As you can see below, I have liked those same three blog post from the above graphic but have yet to visit those blogs. All three of those bloggers must think I did visit and loved what they wrote. To me, and I am only speaking for me, it is deceitful and it is spam.

There are many ways to follow a blog. By coming to that blog everyday and looking to see if there happens to be a new post. By subscribing through email. By clicking the WordPress Follow button or even by RSS feeds. This post is only addressing the ease of following through WordPress and those I believe who only want you to visit their blog because you see an new face in the Like section and believe they visited yours. It was not my intent to confuse or misdirect anyone yesterday.

After I finished writing this post, I did visit those three blogs. If I liked it I kept the Like and if not, I un-clicked. Sorry if I un-clicked guy and gals.

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