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Guest Blogger Jacqui

Have you ever wanted to say, “I knew her before she was famous?” If so, meet Jacqui, my guest blogger for June. Jacqui is an aspiring musician and an accomplished  blogger. She plays the guitar and promises to one day be famous. Jacqui, now becomes the youngest guest I have had here. Jacqui’s blog, SocialSistersBlog has just reached a milestone of over 50,000 views and she is very happy about that. I thank her parents for allowing her to guest.
One month from now we are having a meme and Jacqui has promised to take part in that as well, so you will see her again.
As I always do, I ask that you please leave a comment for Jacqui to reply to. Thank you in advance.

A Dream’s A Dream

Hey there everyone! My name is Jacqui! I own a blog called Socialsistersblog. First I just want to thank Tom so much for this great opportunity!

At first I wasn’t quite sure what to write this guest post about. There are so many things I could talk about. It was pretty overwhelming and I’m not sure how many people would want to listen to an Aussie girl talk about something that means a lot to her.

If you’ve ever read my blog you know that I like to talk about my daily life, music or other things that I find interesting. Music is something very important to me. It can tell a story or talk about life events. Some melodies that have been made are just so beautiful. You know the feeling you might get where a book is so interesting that you can’t put it down? That’s what I get when I listen to a good song. But something that might mean more to me then music or songs is playing guitar and writing my own songs. I play both acoustic and electric guitar. This will be my 5th year of having lessons and I love it! It’s hard to explain my passion for playing guitar. It’d probably come out really weird if I tried to explain it. Haha!

I just love the stories songs can tell. There are some songs I can really relate to. Writing my own songs is what I love to do. I guess it helps me express my feelings and thoughts about things. By reading this you might be able to tell that music is my passion? It’s something I’d love to do when I’m older. Of course the chances of me ‘making it’ in the music industry is very slim. You’ve got to have the look, personality/ attitude, and be able to sing (most of the time). It’s a lot of pressure.

Sometimes my mind wanders and I think about what it might be like to sing in front of thousands and to have the paparazzi follow you everywhere. People would listen to you, that’s for sure!

I wonder what people would think of an Aussie girl who can play guitar, piano and a little bass. I’m not the worst singer out there. Definitely not the best!!! Remember that. Do people even like Aussie accents? I know we say words like ‘laugh’ differently. If I wrote a song with the word ‘laugh’ in it that means people would have to sing it the way I do so it would make sense. The same with ‘tomato’. But I don’t think I’m going to be writing a song about tomatoes… Oh well, a dream’s a dream. Sometimes it can become reality.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post! I’ve definitely enjoyed writing it! Thanks again to Tom for this amazing opportunity! Cya when I cya!!

– Jacqui

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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty Starts Tomorrow!

Y’all ready for this? I dare you to be. Happily I am almost finished all of my responses and all are pre-scheduled. Now I have plenty of time to get ready to create some posts for May. So I guess this is like a mature version of Truth or Dare and the Truth portion starts tomorrow. The Dares commence once all of your 30 responses have finally been posted. The dares are very straight forward and nothing too difficult, nothing vulgar, juvenile or illegal. I guess that means no public nudity (and that’s a good thing believe you, me)! Well for the adventurous and the ones who are kids at heart, I might find one childish dare!

Your choices for dares are below. You only need complete one of the dares but feel free to complete more. You post and description of what dare you did and how it turned out is due five days from the completion date of your thirty questions. Everyone participating will be looking for your dare response. You most certainly do not have to wait until the end of the month to complete your dare(s). You can do it today if you like. You are in charge of your dare! You can use the above graphic for your dare post or not. All dare posts are due no later than five days after your final 30 Day of Blogging Honesty post.

30 Days of Blogging Honesty: The Dare

Category: Youngins
Write a letter to your 16-year-old self and post it. Detail your journey.

Category: Coulda, Shoulda, Wouldas
Write a letter to someone you owe an apology to but never gave one. It does not have to be a long letter. Just write the letter (not email),  send it and then post it for us to see.

Category: Good Eats
Eat completely healthy for an entire day even if it means eating foods you do not care for. Document all failures or start over another day if you mess up.

Category: ARKs
For a 24 hour period, for every act of kindness given to you, pay it forward to a stranger one better.  For example – if a friend buys you a coffee, buy two strangers a cup of coffee. Detail your journey.

Category: Truthiness
For a 24 hour period you must tell the truth in every situation, every question – all day long. Perhaps the most difficult will be not lying to yourself. Detail your journey.

Category: Blushing
Spend an hour by yourself totally naked even if there are other people in the house but only if you won’t get caught. If you get interrupted you must start over and reset the clock to zero minutes. Detail your journey.

Next Saturday, April 7th my guest blogger will be Cherlyn Cochrane. This will be her second time guesting. If you have a moment why not check out her first guest post and then if you have the time, stop by her blog, Over A Cup Of Coffee!

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Guest Blogger, Te’Kia Miller

Join me in welcoming my friend Te’Kia Miller from Te’Kia’s Blog to Morning Erection’s monthly staple, Guest Blogger. Te’Kia…. as always, it is a great honor for me to be able to have a guest blogger, especially with the goals and aspirations you have for your own blog. Thank you for taking the time. Readers, as a favor to me please show Te’Kia the courtesy of leaving a comment. Thank you very much.

Let’s Talk Poetry

First I would like to thank you Tom for inviting me  to be a guest blogger. I must admit I was a little taken aback at the request because being a guest blogger on anyone else’s blog was a far cry from my mind. It was something that never crossed my mind to do or would be asked to do. But, here I am and if I can be honest, I began to worry what I would write about. Luckily I had a few months to think about it. I decided to write about what I know and that is poetry.

Poetry is something that grew on me. I never really liked poetry much less admire it when I was young. At a very young age I wrote one poetic piece around Halloween and although it was pretty good, poetry didn’t really resonate with me. Poetry was something of a bore at that time. Then something changed around middle school to high school and I found myself writing poetry almost as if it was something I’d always done. The more I wrote poetry the more it grew on me and I found myself adoring it. I soon began trying to understand it and hone it by taking a poetry class in high school. At that time poetry had fully consumed me and I began to consider myself a poet. I became attracted to Emily Dickerson, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, E.E. Cummings, Edgar Allen Poe, a little Countee Cullen and William Wordsworth.

I said all of that to say this: poetry is like a butterfly. It is both elusive and submissive, but it is always beautiful and admired. No one said this but this was the thought that crossed my mind at the time of this writing. For me, poetry is a lot of things but I think this is a pretty good summation of poetry. It is such a beautiful, creative art form. Whether you write it as a hobby, a professional or to release your emotions, I think we can all agree that poetry has and continues to show us the power of words. Words can be peaceful, furious, good, bad, evoke emotion, or tear down emotion.

Now the words, phrasing and arrangement although creates beauty it can also cause poetry to be elusive to some. It was for me at first. For some individuals poetry may seem to go beyond their understanding. They may not catch on to the metaphor or the analogy of a particular piece. I’m not saying that to be hoity-toity or as an insult to anyone. It’s just that in my personal experience and interactions with others, some people get it and others don’t. For those who feel or think poetry speaks to a deeper understanding than what they’re accustomed to, poetry is elusive. That doesn’t mean they don’t or can’t admire its beauty.

Then there are those who catch poetry in their palms. There it becomes submissive, taking rest and unafraid. Here the catcher and poetry become acquainted with one another and there is an understanding that takes place. For writers of poetry I think there is an intimate understanding as well as for readers of poetry. Whether an occasional reader or writer, whether a heavy reader or writer of the art, its beauty is continually admired by most who come in contact with it. What about you? What has been your experience with poetry? Are you a reader or writer of poetry? Are you a fan of the art form or not so much? What are your thoughts?

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