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From The Heart

Our friend Anne left yesterday for the rehabilitation facility. The last I heard from her, her bags were packed and she was getting to say goodbye to some of her friends. The package did not arrive yet but there will be someone at the house to get it and take it to her when it does get there. And now to the reason for this post.

From My Heart

I don’t wish to ruffle any feathers because everyone has been so very nice and positive, yet I feel the need to share a few things. Just know that the positive comments are appreciated and the emails are also wonderful to read. The thing is, what I did for Anne, I would have done for any of you as well. I don’t deserve anything other than a thank you from Anne should she feel courteous enough to do so. And, she did! She is very grateful for the outpouring of love and help from our blogging community.

What bothers me is that what I did for Anne, should be the norm. It should not be so uncommon for people to see one human help another. It really bothered me that I received so much praise for what should be commonplace. It should not be such a surprise that I showed compassion and helped a ‘stranger’. Anne is no stranger. She is just a sister of mine and yours, we have not met. We are all a part of the larger human family. It saddens me that people don’t find it within their own hearts to reach out more.

I’m not suggesting that anyone can just go help anybody in every situation. For instance if you had asked me to walk the halls of a pediatric oncology unit, I could not do that. I would cause more problems than good with the tears streaming down my face.

Life is precious. You only get one. Do things for others that you would like to have done for yourself in a time of need. Thank you all who helped encourage Anne and the nice words you had for me.

I hope you understand that this post is from the heart and is not a directed at any one person, just people in general.


(photo credit by TiaraMia)