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How I Grew My WordPress Blog, Part II

If you have read the first installment of Grow Your WordPress Blog posted on Thursday, September 30th perhaps you are back for more. I hope these additional strategies will further assist you in growing large amounts of traffic to your WordPress blog. By no means are any of these methods guaranteed to work, but most have worked for me and I am willing to try those I haven’t yet used.

G R O W   Y O U R   W O R D P R E S S   B L O G


1. Make sure you comment on other WordPress blogs and always respond to their reply to your comment. You can check the ‘My Comments’ section under your dashboard to see if anyone has replied to your comments. This is very important because it creates a repore between you and the other blogger. Always reply when you receive comments on your site as well. Always! You don’t want visitors to feel ignored or neglected.

2. I comment on at least 10 different WordPress blogs everyday. Also find a popular blog in a category you like (maybe your hobby or the subject of your blog; TV, poetry, politics). I look for the most popular food blogs then I comment on a post that has lots of comments already. After that I try to visit the  blogs of another 10 people who have also left comments on the same comment. That gives me an opening when I comment on their posts.

Example: I’m a first time visitor and I saw your comment on So-And-So’s blog. Your comment was interesting so I decided to visit your site…. Don’t be insincere and don’t lie. Just be yourself and honest. Make sure you do a better job at spelling than I did.

3. WordPress is the greatest free platform to blog with however you should not ignore the other platforms. I also try to comment on Blogspot, Xanga, Live Journal, TypePad, Blogsome, and a myriad of other blogs. Also it was just announced that the millions of Windows Live Space Blog users will have to migrate their blogs over to WordPress. That means millions of potential new visitors to your site, millions of potential comments on your site and millions of chances for you to welcome Windows Live users to WordPress.

Marathon Posting Schedule

4. Pick a month and plan to post every single day. Find a blogging buddy that is willing to accept the challenge and blog for thirty days too. Also tell your visitors of the commitment you are making so they help you stick to it. You might even choose a specific topic or theme for the month. It might be easy to find a few other bloggers willing to take the challenge with you.

Input From Your Visitors

5. Add a Skribit widget to your blog and get suggestions for posts directly from your visitors. Skribit allows your users who have ideas or subjects that they would like for you to specifically write about, to post them to your site and the Skribit community at large. These are the people reading your posts, so it would be advantageous to get their feedback and ideas.


6. Post at the same time each day you publish. People who are used to you posting in the morning are not going to keep checking all day long if you have decided to post that evening. You can always create your post days in advance and use WordPress to schedule your posts for a regular time. I always post at 12:01 am. This post is scheduled for an October 5th publishing date and I’m writing it on September 30th.

Quality Posts

7. Quality posts are important but have you ever heard the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Well it’s just as true for blog promotion as it is for getting a job. Your friends will generally link to your site and share your posts with other people through links. They will vote for your post and leave comments. You should vote for their posts as well. Also when you come across a post you really enjoy on a new blog you visit, vote for that post. Vote and let the blog owner know that you voted. Do it often and they will see you as a valuable asset to their site. They might return the favor.

I’m not saying your posts don’t have to have quality content but mediocre content with thousands of links pointing to it will bring lots of visitors. Great content with no links pointing to your site, will bring NO visitors.


8. When adding images to your post make sure they have proper names. Don’t use generic sprite.png, image1.jpg. Giving the image a name will make it easier for your images to appear in image search engines like Google Image Search.

WordPress Search

9. Utilize WordPress search at least once a week. Search for the most recent posts on topics that you yourself posted on your blog. When I posted The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, I searched for posts on self esteem and visited and commented on those sites. When I post a recipe, I visit food blogs. I think WordPress search is a valuable asset.

Interview A Blogger & Guest Posts

10. Interviews can generate great numbers of visitors. Try to do interviews with bloggers who receive more traffic than you do. That blogger’s loyal readers will visit your post and leave comments on both sites. Guest blogging on a site can also increase your readership. This is something that I started doing in January and I think it has helped gain visitors for myself and the guest bloggers. It’s not an exact science because a few of my guest bloggers don’t post regularly. Do a Google search for Guest Blogging to get more detailed information.

Google Translate

11. If you notice from looking at your stats that visitors from other countries are visiting your posts and pages, try to figure out the keywords that they are using to reach you blog. Take those keywords and use Google Translate to translate it into their native language. Go back to your posts and update your post tags and categories to include those translated words.

Example: I increased the amount of post coming to my Indianapolis Colts wallpaper by adding fútbol americano to my tags. I noticed I was receiving a lot of traffic from Mexico and South American Google sites. It really does work. I also added the Japanese word for morning erection in my about page when I first started the blog. I get a lot of traffic from Japan and from people looking for Andrew Zimmern’s Japan episode of Bizarre Foods. Try it.

Growing a blog on any platform is hard work and takes lots of dedication. If a large readership is what you want from your blog, in the long run it will be worth it. Leave meaningful comments on new blogs everyday. Create a network of bloggers to socialize with online and constantly refine your posts using keywords from search engines that bring traffic to your site.

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How I Grew My WordPress Blog, Part I

People are always saying that they wish they had as many visitors as I get. To be completely honest, I am in no way satisfied with the numbers I get. Now, I’m averaging about 350 page views per day but I don’t know how many unique visitors that is. I would really be happy with about 2000 per day. People are never satisfied, so if I got the 2000 visitors I want, I’m sure then I would want 10,000 per day. I can dream can’t I?

I guess to someone who is only getting 10, 50 or 100 page views, the amount I get is a lot. Even though my numbers aren’t where I want them to be, the only reason they are where they are is because I do some work almost everyday. I’m confident that if you follow the same steps I do/did, you can grow your site as well. Below you will find some of the things I have done and most you can implement as soon as you are finished reading this post and leave a comment (smile). If you simply keep a blog and enjoy any visitors you get, this post is not meant for you. You are already satisfied. This post is for bloggers not happy with the status quo and want to attract more readers to their blogs. Many of these tips can be used for any blog, not just a WordPress blog.

G R O W   Y O U R   W O R D P R E S S   B L O G


1. Sometimes the things that interest you personally might not interest your readers. If you are stuck on what to write about that might attract new visitors, read this post on curing writer’s block. I wrote it last November and sometimes refer to it when I get stuck. Maybe you will think of something in your blog’s genre that you never thought to write about before.

An example: I named this blog Morning Erection but it took until only a month ago before I made a post about erectile dysfunction specifically for the people who Google was sending here on a daily basis. The problem was, my site had no information on that topic. Lately my top post has been for erectile dysfunction. I’ve been able to grow my readership without alienating my regular visitors.

Live Blogging

2. Blog about an event you are attending that might be difficult for others to attend. Be an on the spot reporter and give an hour by hour account of what is going on at the event.

An example: Several weeks ago, I visited a site and the blog owner attended the Brooklyn celebration of Michael Jackson’s birthday. She covered the event on her blog and she had the best photos of any site I visited that day. I asked and she allowed me to use one of her photos in my post about it, as long as I linked back to her site.

WordPress Site Statistics

3. Check your site’s stats often – especially the search engine terms. These are the words and phrases that are bringing people to your site. If you find a certain word or phrase is bringing search engine traffic to your post you can capitalize on that and tweak your posts to include those words more often. Suppose you write a post about your favorite TV show, Sesame Street. Google is sending people to your post who searched for Elmo. You get three or four hits on your site just from Elmo but in your post, you never mentioned Elmo by name. Go back to your post and find a way to add Elmo into your post in a few of your sentences. The number of people who reach your post should increase rapidly by now having added Elmo to your post. If a search engine is sending traffic your way with any other Sesame Street characters, incorporate them too.

An example: I searched for my site Morning Erection on Google in late July and I found my site in the middle of page 3. Weeks later I wrote a post about morning erections because Google was sending a lot of traffic my way from people looking for medical information on losing their morning erection and erectile dysfunction. This might surprise you but when I did a search last week on Google I had moved from page 3 to page 1. Not only am I on page 1, I am the second site listed. Adding one post, not even trying to increase readership has brought in an extra 100-200 visitors a day. (See image above).

Possibly Related Posts

4. When you publish a post, WordPress searches other blogger’s posts and adds a possibly related posts: (automatically generated) section below your post. Be sure to visit those links and leave comments on those posts.

Preview & Vote

5. Before publishing your post, preview the post. Make sure everything looks the way you want it to, everything is spelled correctly and the images are placed where you want them. Try to create your posts a day or days in advance so you can tweak it and make sure it is exactly the way you want it to appear. If you are happy with everything about your post, schedule the post and in preview view, vote for your own post. Click on the 5th star for the highest rating.

It’s your post and if you aren’t happy with it, you can’t expect that anyone else will be either. If a visitor to your post sees someone else has voted for your post, they might also. If you feel this is wrong, don’t do it. Just know that I do and it works.

This is the rating of my highest rated post.

Your Comments

6. Use Backtype to check older comments that Google and WordPress might not access or archive. To check your site’s information add your url to the end of  this

Try this example and see all the comments I have left on other blogs:


7. Create a gimmick that will entice visitors to interact with you and your site. Find something quirky and unusual to do or ask your visitors to participate in. You could start a story with just a paragraph and ask your loyal visitors or commentors to help create the story by contributing a paragraph each. Find out who is willing to participate, assign a day and paragraph number. Ask them to email their paragraphs to you and each day you post a new paragraph to the story. See where the story leads. It might work better if you create an new page and not a post for this gimmick. Stay tuned for the gimmick I have planned!

SEOLogic and Yahoo! Site Explorer

8. Try using SEOLogic to check the popularity of your site. Use SEOLogic in conjunction with Backtype. Check for backlinks and see where you have commented before and go comment again. It is very important to have sites linking to your site. Google thinks highly of that. Another great tool is Yahoo! Site Explorer. Site Explorer lets you view the most popular pages from your site, dive into a comprehensive site map, and find pages that link to any page on your site.

I used Site Explorer just a few minutes ago. I like the ease of use and the information it supplied. Site Explorer shows that I have 161 posts (not including pages) and I have almost 4300 links pointing to my site.

I have a few more ideas to help you grow your blogs. Come back for part two after you read our Guest Blogger, Blaga Todorova’s post on October 2nd. Blaga is a poet and has an awe inspiring poem and more to share with you.

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