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Thank You, Iron Cook Carl

Thank you Iron Cook Carl for a wealth of great information. Persistence pays off and I’m glad you finally decided to guest post for me. I love the subject matter as well. I learned a lot and I hope other people did as well. I myself did not know all the benefits the body receives by getting massaged.

I hope guesting for me will give you the desire to once again post on your own site when you have more time. I am sure you will be a great massage therapist. I wish you much luck when taking your state boards and growing your business.

In the coming months my guest bloggers include Te’Kia Miller in January, Mai Mergili in February, Angie P. in March, Cherlyn Cochrane in April, Princesa Musang in May, Daniel Dockery in June and I just had a request for another guest post that I would like to schedule for July but I will first need to confirm with the blogger. If anybody else is interested (men especially) in guesting in any months from August to December 2012, let me know.

If this year’s meme is successful, I would like to make it a biannual event instead of just once a year. I think July and December are good months and I would be honored if each blogger contributed one question for each meme. How does that sound?

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A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement

Recently (Christmas 2009), I came across a singer, Yolanda Adams. I inexplicably am drawn to her music now and I don’t even like gospel music. I heard her singing Christmas tunes in the car last year and was hooked. I went to my Facebook page today and there in the corner was an ad for In Performance at the White House tonight at 8:00 pm on PBS.

I decided to write about her because you might also be interested in someone who is genuinely a great songstress regardless of the genre of music they gravitate towards. Some people sound wonderful recorded with computers fixing all their errors and no talent voices, but she is the real deal. She sounds even better live. I also decided to write about this because it fulfills my daily requirement of posting Black History. The White House performance is a salute to the Civil Rights Movement. If you get the opportunity check out the broadcast. If you are interested in Yolanda but are unable to watch the show, you can go to YouTube and check out one of my favorite songs by her. I first heard it on Iron Cook American’s website. It’s a rather new site and he asked me to promote it. Give him a visit.


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