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Virtual Dinner Party Tomorrow

Morning Erection’s Second Dinner Party
Tomorrow Friday, February 24th, 7:00 pm

Invitations were expressed in December and preparations are almost finished. Remember to bring your appetite and nothing else to my second virtual blogger dinner party. There were 38 invitees which means 38 different main course menus. Everything will be prepared and ready to go and dinner will be served promptly at 7:00 pm.

Please be honest and let me know if you do not like what I have prepared for you. My skin is relatively thick so it won’t bother me. This is all for fun anyway although I really think it would be great to meet all of you.

If you would have wanted to be invited and were not, you can still show up. Just don’t be too late or you can count on being the ones stuck with cleaning the dishes. Tomorrow you can choose the Unexpected But Invited Menu.

Invitations Were Extended To:

Yuuki Chan, Judy Santiago, Blaga Todorova, Brittany, Mariana, TheRealSharon, Rose Reynolds, Cherlyn Cochrane, Mai Mergili, Michelle Teoh, Chris Ferrell, Te’Kia Miller, Paul Orr, Iron Cook Carl, TemptingSweets, Noeleen, Addielicious, Deborah Bryan, Ev, Sylvia Garza, Prinsesa Musang, AnonymousBurn, Isadora De La Vega, Janie Blim, Lisa, Kat, Melinda, Giovanna, Chris King, Jia Xin, Seth Winternight, SeeNote, Kara, David (1MereMortal), Kim Koning, Irish Precious, Ina, and Ruth Ligget

No alcoholic beverages will be served as I want everyone coherent and ready for an enjoyable evening of conversation. I hope to see you all tomorrow evening. I just have one question for you guys… Where are my sous chefs?

Mai Mergili, an Asian student living in Germany and who wrote a guest post for a guy in America that will be published this Saturday. Mai has many passions but she is most passionate about photography, fashion and music. Mai is only sixteen and was very willing to be my guest blogger when I asked. I can assure you that you will enjoy her post. Come back this Saturday after you are finished eating Friday’s dinner. In the meantime, spend some time reading her blog, Pencil Pillow.

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Thank You, Iron Cook Carl

Thank you Iron Cook Carl for a wealth of great information. Persistence pays off and I’m glad you finally decided to guest post for me. I love the subject matter as well. I learned a lot and I hope other people did as well. I myself did not know all the benefits the body receives by getting massaged.

I hope guesting for me will give you the desire to once again post on your own site when you have more time. I am sure you will be a great massage therapist. I wish you much luck when taking your state boards and growing your business.

In the coming months my guest bloggers include Te’Kia Miller in January, Mai Mergili in February, Angie P. in March, Cherlyn Cochrane in April, Princesa Musang in May, Daniel Dockery in June and I just had a request for another guest post that I would like to schedule for July but I will first need to confirm with the blogger. If anybody else is interested (men especially) in guesting in any months from August to December 2012, let me know.

If this year’s meme is successful, I would like to make it a biannual event instead of just once a year. I think July and December are good months and I would be honored if each blogger contributed one question for each meme. How does that sound?

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