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The Naked Man


“I love the male body. It’s better designed than the male mind.”
~ Andrea Newman

I’m a man. I am a man who loves the female body. I really love the female body, however, most women I’ve spoken with do not find the male body attractive at all and speak even less fondly of our genitalia.

On the reverse side, I read through an article in an United Kingdom online newspaper, GuardianFilament, a magazine for women wanted to feature full frontal nudity from their male models. The companies they use to print the magazine refused to print for fear of backlash from woman and religious groups.

Regardless of what is going on in the publishing community, if you are a female please weigh in on the subject and leave a comment on how you feel (without being too graphic). Men with an opinion are free to comment too, but I’m really interested in how a woman feels about the nude male body. Exquisite or ugly? Graceful or freaky?

Personally I like my own body. I don’t obsess over it, but I am satisfied with my physique. By the way, that’s not a photo of me. According to the wording in my contract with WordPress; I’m too sexy for my blog!

So ladies, tell us men what you think…



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Sexting Among Teens

This is a harmless photo of a teen in shorts with her legs open, but she is fully clothed. Would it surprise you to know that between 20 – 30 percent of teenagers with cell phones admit to sending nude photos of themselves to at least one person?

Nearly half of teens say that they have received at least one sexting message whether they expected it or not.

An adult who sends provocative or nude images of him/her self to a minor is a crime. An adult who sends or receives naked images of minors has committed a crime. It is considered child pornography and these crimes are felonies. The people caught doing this type of activity are prosecuted and if convicted added to the sex offender registry.

For teenagers it is much the same although in some cases a teen’s minor status can be waived and they can be judged as an adult. This could mean real jail time.

We really need to teach our children to respect themselves and others as well. There is nothing wrong with being modest and nothing wrong at all with waiting until marriage to reveal yourself to your spouse as the treasure you are. April waited and she made me wait too (of course). Someone who respects themself, their privacy and their body might not be so quick to undress for the camera.

Electronic images have an eternal shelf life. The images you take today might be on the internet a hundred years from now. Google indexes millions of pages and if you know of a site no longer on the internet, you can pay Google to research it and find those pages for you (at a cost), but my point is; if it was posted twenty years ago it is still somewhere out there. Images uploaded today will be there when your children are applying and not getting those jobs they want. Webcams, digital cameras or cell phone cameras. Vanessa Hudgens, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears all found out the hard way that what is done in private doesn’t always stay private.

It might seem cool at the time but relationships don’t always last forever. Spiteful and bitter ex boyfriends or girlfriends can and will get back at you by texting or emailing those very same nude images to anyone on the planet.

One girl committed suicide after her ex sext the entire student body of their high school the nude images he had of her.

Technology carries with it the ease of being provocative or naughty if you want to. What goes on between consenting adults I suppose is their business. What our children are doing might wind up being everybody’s if everyone who has a stake (parents), don’t do something about it now. Have you talked to your kids about drugs, drinking, or anything yet? This is a good place to start if you haven’t already.

Check the cell phone’s history. Check deleted computer files. Do whatever you have to to protect your children, even from themselves. Time is of the utmost. Here is the latest in sexting jargon.

As always, this is just my opinion. What do you think? Whether you have children or not. Whether you are a teenager or an adult. I’m eager to hear.


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Sweetest Taboo: I’m A Home Nudist; I Love Being Naked At Home

Home NudistNot everyone is comfortable with their body. Some people won’t even look at themselves in the mirror when alone. There are those, however, like myself who whenever we are home alone, jump at the chance to disrobe and parade around the house in our birthday suits. Others simply like to sleep in the nude.

There is nothing spectacular about my body in the least bit and even though I’m a exhibitionist at heart I can’t for the life of me figure out who (besides April) would find my body attractive. I don’t stay naked because I like the way my body looks, I just like the comfort of being nude.

I’m naked now and I frequently go outside in the buff (I have a high fence). The fence was a prerequisite for any house we bought here in Indianapolis.  I’ve been naked at night in my parents back yard, at swimming pools, at a the beach in Hawaii, a State park, on the balcony of one of my apartments when I was younger and even while driving once. I was merely changing clothes into my bathing suit, but it was a two hour drive so I just stayed naked until I approached heavier traffic. (Not recommended when lots of truck drivers are on the road. They can look down into the car and see you).

Unlike some couples, we never exchanged keys or moved in together. I was never afraid that she would just come into my house unannounced. April knew I liked being nude, but it wasn’t until we got married that I told her I’m always naked when alone, not just while I slept. I asked if that would be a problem for her.

I knew she slept either in just panties or nude as well. Well folks, it turns out my wife likes to be naked at home too. Thank God for that. Now we just have to find a house suited for our needs in Indiana. Lots of trees or a tall fence like I have now.

As soon as the front door closes instinctively we both remove our socks and shoes. We do have rules though. We agreed to call out and make sure we were the only ones home before the clothes come off though. We also agreed to call home before bringing someone into the house with us. How embarrassing that would be for her friends or co-workers to see me or vice versa.

Nudity at home, alone, by yourself does not equate sexuality. Nudity is comfortable, freeing and perfectly natural. There are millions of people who enjoy being naked at home including Kelly Clarkson and Queen Latifah.

I’m curious to know how many readers of my blog like to be naked at home?

Nudity Poll


Make sure to stop back on January 2, 2010 for our first guest blogger, Chris Ferrell from Nerds of the Round Table.


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