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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 15

Given the choice between infinite time or infinite money, I would choose…

At first the choice seemed like something I needed to ponder but when I really realized what was at stake here, I knew infinite time was not the right choice for me. I thought about getting sick and having that sickness for an eternity. I thought about watching loved one after loved one, wife after wife, child after child buried. I would be like a vampire hiding from cameras and staying out of history’s way.

My life would be like any of those horrible shows on the CW, Lifetime or the SyFy channel. I would be living but not really alive. A cross between a zombie and a vampire. A zompire or a vambie. My life would be a series of Groundhog Days without the humor.

Infinite money on the other hand would help me to make use of the time I had been given. Normal time. A normal life. At any given moment I would have the ability to do whatever I wanted, go wherever I wanted, eat whatever I wanted, be with kings and queens, presidents and scholars, celebrities and most important family members. But it would also be difficult to tell who liked me for me and who simply liked my money.

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My choice though, (and I hope the masses don’t get upset with me for going outside the box), would be to either have neither or choose to have infinite wisdom. With wisdom, I would be valued for me. I don’t mean knowledge. I mean wisdom. I’m not saying I could go out and find the cure for every disease or solve every murder case. I mean given the situation and circumstance I would be able to use all my faculties to always come up with the best response, the best answer, the best advice, the most meaningful words to say. Wisdom or none of the above for me. Isn’t the Milky Way beautiful?

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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 26

If I could trade my weekly paycheck with  a celebrity whose first name begins with the letter R, I would change with…

Rachael Ray is the celeb I would trade with. She has the magazine and a line of cookware and three or more television shows. The woman is the next Oprah even is she doesn’t realize it. Whatever she makes in one year’s time, I will be more than happy to take 1/52 of it. I searched Google and could not find a definitive answer but I believe she made between sixteen and thirty million last year.

Who wouldn’t want a piece of that financial action?

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Ronald Reagan On The $50 Bill?

Were you aware that there is a movement to replace President Grant with President Reagan’s portrait on the $50 bill? Republican Representative McHenry has introduced legislation that would take President Ulysses S. Grant off of the $50 bill and replace him with Reagan.

“Every generation needs its own heroes,” McHenry said in a statement. “One decade into the 21st century, it’s time to honor the last great president of the 20th and give President Reagan a place beside Presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy.” Do you have an opinion on this subject? Take the poll below.



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