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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 24

Given the choice between having to live the rest of my life without my voice, or living the rest of my life without the ability to hear, I would choose…

My voice. This was the easiest question so far. You see, I don’t like hearing my own voice but having to give up hearing all the things that I have grown so accustomed to would be difficult. Not impossible because people the world over have to do it everyday. Losing my voice would affect others more so than me. Losing my hearing would directly effect me.

People would have to do without hearing my voice but I would forever have to do without hearing my favorite songs, laughter, children, Morgan Freeman’s narration of almost every nature documentary ever made except the ones James Earl Jones did, that noise when the Emergency Alert System goes for a test, a friend’s hello, my favorite instrument – the piano, a wife’s I love you, the theme song from Doctor Who, sounds of love making, birds chirping, someone trying to get away with farting on a crowded elevator, the slight delay in hearing the bat hit the ball after you see the ball flying through the air, trying to quickly skim past Nancy Grace but knowing full well her voice will make it through as you channel surf.

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I would have to deal with not being able to hear the mailman’s truck while he’s down the street so I can grab my mail and packages and run out to meet him, thus saving me a trip to the post office. I would miss the sound of the jerk chicken I’m gonna grill tonight with broccoli and quinoa. I would not hear James say, “Bond, James Bond.” I would miss Picard’s “Make It So”, Lt. Columbo’s peculiar way of annoying murder suspects, Princess Buttercup, Prince Humperdink, Wesley and every famous line from The Princess Bride. I would miss out on hearing the voices of any blogging friends I might meet later in life, the power of the space shuttle take-offs and so much more. Good, bad or smelly, hearing is what I would want to keep and the vocal cords is what I would be willing to give up.

I am very thankful to have use of all my senses and faculties.

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A Little Black History History

Black History month is celebrated in February because Carter G. Woodson first commemorated Negro History Week in 1926. Woodson chose the second week in February because Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays were during this time. Congress chose to honor the Woodson’s remembrance and in 1975 designated the entire month of February as Black History Month. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th and Frederick Douglass, one of the nation’s leading abolitionists was born on February 14th.

Black History month is celebrated in the United States, Canada and in Great Britain, however, the celebration isn’t until October in Great Britain. Canada started its Black History observance in 1995 when Jean Augustine, the first black female MP, introduced the motion.

Black History month gives people who might normally have access to certain information in schools, the ability to learn a few quick bits of information about Black Americans who have made major contributions to American society and the world. many schools don’t give accurate accounts of the achievements of people of color and through 30 second public service announcements, we do get to hear about a few. Some schools dedicate February as a time where Black history is taught, apart from what a child may learn about slavery.

Not everyone is happy about dedicating a single month to Black history. Some feel if there is a Black History month then there should also be a Native American History month or a White History month. There is already a Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 – October 15. Maybe if school districts would adopt curriculum that addressed actual American history there would be no need to segregate our history to 30 day observances.

Maybe we could start by telling children the truth about Christopher Columbus. How can you find something that others already know exists and claim it as a new found land? It might have been new to Columbus but he didn’t “find” it, he stole it. If we choose to get rid of an observance, maybe Columbus Day should be the first to go.


B L A C K   H I S T O R Y   M O N T H   N U G G E T   O F   T H E   D A Y

You’re going to relegate my history to a month? … Which month is White History Month? … I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history.
~ Morgan Freeman

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