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Time For A Morning Update

Update One

Blogging Honesty starts on May 1! If this is your first time hearing about this month long posting idea, please stop by the first post (31 Days of Blogging Honesty). So far I think there are about five people participating but I am not exactly sure.

Update Two

It is official. We are moving and April will be starting her new position in May. We are both excited about the move and look forward to new challenges and inspiration! The future of Morning Erection however has not been determined. I am taking steps to insure that if I decide the site can go on there will be no problems for April.

What this means? Starting today I will no longer mention April in any of my posts and when April starts work at her new job she will be using her maiden name. The rules regarding social networking at her job and what is appropriate internet behavior for her are some of the most strict I have ever seen. I don’t want this blog to be a hindrance to her and she doesn’t want me to have to give it up. Ain’t love grand?!

Update Three

I have decided to honor my word and still post those images I promised. More than just a few have scolded me for showcasing images on this blog that do not cater to women. Since I said that I would post them, I am keeping my word. Be forewarned; the second of the two posts is NSFW and I want to make that clear now! The second post is also password protected so only those truly interested need see the post. The password is sinep.

You will be able to access the second via King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s website. At her suggestion (see her comment below) I am letting her post the images. I am still fulfilling my promise to the ladies without offending those who wish not to see the images on Morning Erection.

Update Four

It doesn’t look like there will be an April guest post after all. Judy has been blessed with a great job and is very busy. I will let you know whether or not there will be a guest blogger in May and whom it might be later on this month My guest has not made a post on her blog since January so I am skeptical but optimistic.

If you have an inkling, I would love for you to take part in 31 Days of Blogging Honesty. Thanks for stopping by and continuing to frequent such an infrequently posted blog!

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An Email I Received

A few weeks ago, February 4th to be exact, I received an email from a subscriber to Morning Erection. This person is not a WordPress blogger (to my knowledge) because she subscribed with her email address and not her WordPress account. I thought that there may be a few people out there who might feel the same way she does. For that reason I am posting her email here.

I am not going to respond to her email. I am not replying to the email and I am not addressing what she wrote here either. I want you, anyone who reads Morning Erection to respond to her concerns. After I read your responses, I will respond to her email by either changing the way I blog or not changing the way I blog. I have a very intelligent wife and it was her suggestion that my readers and not me, address what the emailer wrote.

She is no longer subscribed and she has been an on and off again subscriber. I hope she comes back to read this. I don’t take her email lightly because even though this is my blog I do want to ‘please’ those people who take time out of their very busy and stressful lives to drop in to read the craziness that spews forth from my mind. What I will say to the young lady who wrote me that the upcoming 31 Days of Blogging Honesty in May might shed some light on the inner workings of my mind and perhaps why I do and write some of the things I do. Inadvertently I think I revealed more than I ever have about myself in those 31 posts.

Please, as the owner of this blog, I beg of you to take the time once again to leave a comment for me to read. This might be the most important comment you leave here. I need your help to give me direction. It might be that I have to stop posting on my blog anyway, in which case this email won’t matter. It also might lead me to delete a few of the posts or some of the content if I keep the blog going. I copied and pasted from my email and left the misspelled words but I did remove two paragraphs. Removing them did not take away from the gist of the email.

Dear Tom Baker,

Before I get into why I am writing, I first wanted to let you know I really love your blog as a whole. I believe I have read every post you have written but not in order. I don’t think I came upon your blog until early 2010. We have alot in common, especially loving Prince’s music.

I have recommended a few more than a few of your posts to friends and family and even my English teacher. I have shared on Facebook photos and posts. You have great insight into the human psyche, especially females (who make up the majority of the people who comment), you seem very compassionate and empathetic, and you have what appears to be many friends and a loving marriage…

… It is not my intentions to belittle you or point my finger at you for something that at its very base is none of my business. Like I said, I enjoy your blog and each post leaves me wondering what you will come up next. Then like a ton of bricks you ruin it for me. I don’t understand why you feel the need to include sex or nudity into your posts. I don’t care for that and I know by visiting some of the bloggers who have poetry on Poetic License that they are minors like myself.

Nudity involving women is degrading to me and I understand in the month of April you intend to post explicit images of naked men just because a few female readers want to see it. What about those who don’t or feel you are lowering your standards in doing so? You have warned your visitors before what you call not safe for work posts come out, but I really think your site is too classy for such cheap posts.

You have female genitals and SpongeBob SquarePants in the same wallpaper post. I know you care about children and if you had kids you wouldn’t want them visiting your site on certain days would you? You also stated that you are searching for God in your life. What is happening on that front?

I don’t think your first three posts are true. They read like you made them up and I would hate to think your whole blog is based on a lie. I also think the ndue dinner party was tasteless. It’s easy to say younger visitors should not click on your site but some of the things you have on your site would interest them – as one of my female cousins told me after searching for pictures of naked men when she was  finished reading one of your posts I recommended. She intends to be here in April to see those erections you promised. She’s 15.

Despite my criticisms it was your Most Beautiful Girl post that dragged me out of the lie that I was living for so long. After reading your post, I took stock of my life and realized I am worthy. I am worthy of friends, of love and a positive view of my self esteem. No one has ever opened my eyes like your post did and it has left a huge lasting inpression. I want to read your blog no matter how old I am and I want to do so without wondering if opening up your site will cause problems between me and my parents, friends or teachers. I want to be able to read without looking over my shoulders – without a post title that would embarrass me – without a huge penis on the screen – without a link to download some sex story your concocted. I think you are better than that and so is your blog.

Love & Peace,
A Former Subscriber


Tom, I wanted to express my feelings but I didn’t want to do it on your site and perhaps embarrass you. I hope you take what I wrote with the love I took in writing this and not as if I am mad in any way. I don’t know you but I do know what you did for me and I consider you my far away friend. Thanks.

She’s deep! Thanks guys for taking the time to read this and commenting. Have a great week all.

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Apologies Are In Order

What’s Is Tom Doing?

Friends, family, countrymen and women, world bloggers and visitors and even to those who only come by to see if there are any photos of morning erections… I’ve been going through a rough time of late and it has affected my blog.

This month’s interview is late. My guest blog was never posted and I have been slow to respond to comments. I have also ignored my First Class Blogger Award for almost four weeks now. For that and more I wanted to apologize. I’m sure most of you understand that sometimes people get into a funk and some things don’t get the attention they used to.

Up In The Air

I’m not sure which direction I’m headed but I am taking an extended hiatus from Morning Erection. Additionally, April is considering a job offer. She was approached by a company that wants to have her head up a division as they expand. The company’s social media policy is more strict than that of the job she has now. For that reason, it might be difficult to continue with this blog since my connection albeit slight, is already out here on the ‘net.

We have to read more into their policy should she decide to take the job to see if I need to close Morning Erection and start another blog anonymously. Who knows? Only time will tell. She might not want the other job as it would require us to move from Indiana to another state. I don’t think I will delete Morning Erection. I just might stop creating new posts. The posts I already have scheduled (31 Days of Blogging Honesty, Poetic License) and more will continue but I will not add new posts if we should decide to take the job and move.

I will keep you all abreast and during my hiatus I will try to respond to any comments I might get. Keep the April poems coming in, I still want my guest bloggers to post and of course Poetic License will continue until at least December! And yes, Poala the post with the nude men will still publish in April like I promised you.