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Poetic License – August 2012

Welcome to the new Poetic License. Morning Erection’s Poetic License now focuses solely on one poet and four of their new poems. The poems you read today are being featured here and are presented to the world for the first time anywhere. Enjoy these works of verbal art now and then you can find more of  at Blaga’s blog, Broken Sparkles.


It takes so long to sneak in my heart,
what an ecstasy against solitude and sour winds.
The first colors, the melody of flowers,
there isn’t agony in the sway under the rain.

And you and I, dire souls in sunset flames,
between white rock-roses and swan feathers,
we honor the rebirth of our bodies.
Together we morn the death of frost and névé,

to savor the warmth in a bed of coals
and entrust the last rays of candled light
with our desires and the taste of kismet.

And when the rainbows lead us to the garden
of bitter- sweet reminiscence, the innocence
of our fairytale only beautifies Spring and this poem.


I long for your touch, for your golden eyelashes.
Mute and absent, I drink in every glimpse of a flame.
A fantasy with lavender fields doesn’t comfort me,
I desire a reality with lilac fragrance on my lips.

I follow a trace to your heart, a blissful grasp,
to your caress, a sense of wild ocean’s lints.
I seek for the origins of your soul through
the whirling sensation of the satin sands on my skin.

I want to be a part of the sunrise luminosity,
a sparkle in the texture of the sultriness in the air,
I dream to inhale your smile of sapphires,

and I walk without a wince through
the blazing green of the majestic grass,
embracing intensely the kiss of Summer.


Lost in a storm of amber leaves, I waste
the last drop of summer to save a whisper
from the climbing roses you laid out for me,
to hold their ruby glow with the risk to blind me.

No butterflies, no blossoms stay behind to see me cry
together with the inevitable mist of clouds.
Over drowned solstice fires, I harvest the seeds of grief,
your face grows dim, consumed by the revenge of Nature.

I wake up, naked, in a naked forest, hazel shadows
sword your message through the wind. And the skies,
a pallet floating in gruesome hue and saturation,

remind me of roads never traveled,
of lands never swept by innocent laughter,
of broken hearts that declare the debut of Autumn.


Brutal love, lonely promises in frigid, velvet gowns,
the sun has turned back on you, on me, on hope.
We all weep, conquered by sable tears,
by javelins of fables and rue, asking why?

Why did he end the passion, the blush of pretty garlands,
merrily pirouetting over the ivory beauty of snow?
Who let him lash out at the gift of fantasy and flowers?
What soul, what consciousness he shares?

And as the freezing nights separate us with blizzards,
with lifeless words of unwritten ballads, I see
how every dawn is secretly charged with fake summers,

but no answer is granted, only thorns and wounds,
cleaving the last sensation left into ruins, guarding
the silent power and the crystal tiara of lady Winter.

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Poetic License – June 2012

Welcome to the new Poetic License. From now on Morning Erection’s Poetic License will focus solely on one poet and four of their new poems (three this month). The poems you read today are being featured here and are presented to the world for the first time anywhere. Enjoy these works of verbal art now and then you can find more of Kymmie at her blog, the KymmieTheWriter.

The Struggles Of A Heartbreaker

I wanted to be your biggest obstacle.
The rain that hits your umbrella,
the sun that shines in your eyes,
the pain that causes your cries,

but in that moment you showed me and told me that your love was like Teflon,
too strong for any hurt I could bring on, so I could go on and fade on..
If only I could capture you. I’d be your slave owner, you’d be my slave.
Causing wet cheeks and make up stains, is what I’d do to ease my pain.

I’d whip your heart and no man above could save you, Cause when in Rome you do as the Romans do.
But before I could be your hearts reaper, you said “no, I am my hearts keeper, made of Teflon.
Protected from any hurt you bring on. So you could walk through those dark shadows alone”
And alone is where my heart will roam.

What Perfection Contains

I am not courageous, nor brave
I am merely a human forced into
the net of natural strength.

I am never perfect, or even close
My flaws carry burdens heavier
then what perfection can contain.

I am not joyful, not even happy
My sorrows can be the ambassador
of the longest frown

I am the owner of the clearest vision
I see hearts when they are not freed
They pump through life colorless, like me

I hear those who remain silent
because I too understand the language
of those whom never heard a love song

Even when I am not understood, nor cherished
I skip through at a pace only realists grace
Proud of my ability to accept inability

-And live life as a human does.


Creating illusions of what the world should contain, dreams have become the driver to my live imagination.
Yearning for the moment when I can close my eyes, I know the sweet escape is beyond me.
I become the driver of an extraordinary vehicle, my mind is like the unexplored universe,
touched only by the hands of dreams, a picture perfect moment repeated behind the lids of my closed eyes.
Let me live in my abstract glory, and awake me only when the dream becomes real,
and I seek to again escape to a place never seen behind the lids of my closed eyes.

All Rights Reserved © by Kymmie and KymmiTheWriter. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry featured here.

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Poetic License – September 2011

Poetic License is posted on the first Monday of every month. It consists of eight carefully selected for your reading pleasure from the thousands posted across the Internet daily. I only want the best for those who make it through the sea of blog posts to my blog. I hope you truly enjoy this month’s selection. If there is a particular poem that you find moving, please visit the link of the poet and let him or her know.

by Fatima Iqbal

In a crowded room.
I stand alone.
in an empty room.
I stand alone.
does not matter.
who stands by my side.
I still.
there are funny things about this world.
it a mere delusion to think you know.
funny people to think they know.
who stands by them in the dark alone.

He says he stands by my side.
but sadly he just merely stands.
she says she walks by my side.
she does not know she thinks she’s far ahead.
yes this world is funny, funny it is.
no matter who says I’m not alone.
I still know.
I still know.
I am.
In the dark.
I do not feel.
It’s hard to feel what you cannot.
is a truth.
a truth in which.
we all walk.

My Coffee
by Hazelen

should i compare you
with my coffee?

like my coffee
you gave me
diverse sensation

creamy jokes
that flatters me

sweet advices
that i can’t help but listen

bitter stories
that made me tears

hands, hugs and kisses
that warmed me from my coldest days

if you were my coffee
i wish to have you all day

The Meaning of Time
by Nicky Subono

The past is a blur.
My tiresome teenage eyes seeks
for the indecisive future.
Where do I stand?
I hear the ticking of that clock
attacking me  like lightning.
I reveal these… Scars of ageing…Lines of pain…Wrinkles of lost.
If were to rewind the moments I wasted on Facebook.
Emotions run high when Parents disagree.
The words I sent on Twitter.
The song playing on the radio the night your date left you on your first date.
Our laughter. Our cries.
Friends…The Best and Worst…take time to reveal oneself.
I stand in the moment. I live in the moment.
Dont worry about the past.
Dont fret about the future.
Where do you stand?

Today I’m A Woman In Love
by Stephanie Santos

today I’m a woman in love
for no specific reason
with no specific being
yet in romantic idioms I speak fluently
a love song is the anthem of my heart
verses and sounds composed amorously
are today, talking about me
no idea how I woke up on a mattress of petals
and why my eyes haven’t stopped smiling
no idea why my feet feels lighter as if walking on ocean water
However today,
I’m a woman in love
with no one
.. just am

Mud and Memories
by PoeticSeraph

The dust on this long forgotten road stays in between my toes
Coloring my sore bare feet grey
… the color of the sky the last time we spoke
Glimpses of what once was walk beside me
But speech is never provoked
What is left to say when words were never enough
… and always too much

Thick moist air weighs heavy on my breathing
I kneel down and rest my hands in this dirt
Memories of fingertips and luscious lips flash before my eyes
Needed to get away when you were leaving
Lies in apologies disguised…
My heart had never forseen how this would hurt

I raise my head to the sky as the clouds begin to cry
As if God and all the angels can feel my pain
Soon my hair is soaked
As are my clothes, my soul, my skin
Slowly I get up out of this mud of “foregone” and “forsaken”
As I whisper you one last message in the wind:
“Thanks for the lessons learned, keep what you have taken
But a sucker for your love I’ll never be again”

I Want You
by Sona

I want you
like I want nothing else
like every exhaled sigh
that escapes
leaving me heavy and light at the same time

I keep staring at my reflection in your eyes
I don’t see me
I don’t even see you anymore
I just see a barely beating organ
because even though the heart is just a muscle Booth
It’s being crushed to sobs

my regrets burden me
like those wings I wrote about
but they don’t lift me anymore
because I keep falling
falling into my walls
they were there for a reason

you need to be protected from me
from my closed heart
I just didn’t realize I needed protecting too.

by Michelle Rae Collie

A creation of the idle
And weak minded.
A fragrance that is heady
An attitude that is shady.
That any mortal thing
Should be all consuming
Is surely a sin
Against our Father.
And a crime
Against mother and child
Or whoever is your victim of choice.
Obsession by one
Yields oppression of another.
Always looking over
One shoulder and the other.
Never crowds and
Seldom alone.
Release yourself
From your own prison
Of delusion
And find something useful
To direct your attention.
It is not wanted
Where it is at now.

Believe In Yourself
by FlicShis

On your face,
Doors may have been slammed,
Windows alike,
In utter disregard

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

Enough regret mails,
You may have received,
Other correspondence go,
Without response,
Directly or indirectly,
You are not qualified,
For that coveted post

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

You may have been dismissed,
On grounds of,
‘Not good enough’,
Other reasons ,
You may not comprehend

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

Some have avoided you,
Friendships have been lost,
Relationships gone sour,
On basis that,
You don’t fit,
You don’t meet,
Their standards

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

You’ve received,
‘cuz of your looks,
Your appearance,
You’ve been despised

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

Things you’ve done,
Done them well,
With keenness,
Delivering result,
No one recognized,
Efforts went unappreciated,
Negative criticism

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

Suggestions you have raised,
Opinions you have aired,
Ideas you have shared,
Have been disapproved,
Down-rightly ignored,

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

You’ve been hurt,
You’ve been sad,
Your joy stolen,
Hopes and dreams,
Seemingly shattered

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

Even if no one else does,
Keep believing in yourself,
Believe in Him,
Him who’s above all,
Believe He got a plan,
A plan for your welfare,

All that has been,
The hurt, the pain,
The demeaning,
Will turn out,
To be for your good

He’ll see you through,
He’ll get you around,
At last,
Victory shall be yours
All will be well

Until then,
Keep on believing…

All Rights Reserved © by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

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