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31 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 02

Day 02 — The most expensive item I have ever stolen is…

This isn’t the best way to answer a question that requires the utmost in honesty, because I can’t think of anything really expensive that I stole or for that matter anything I’ve stolen in my adult life. Wait, okay, when I was was 16 I worked in an office cleaning the different businesses. I worked for a janitorial company and usually was there in the offices long after all the employees had left.

I had been given a computer as a gift and I bought a printer to go with it with my own money. It was an HP LaserJet printer and the toner was very expensive or at least it was to me.

One of the offices that I cleaned had about ten of the same printers that I owned and I stole one of the printer cartridges. It may have been worth about $50-60. If you want to know the most valuable item I have ever stolen… well that would be my wife’s heart!

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