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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 11

When I’ve had a really bad day the first thing (not person) I reach for is…

Either the mouse or the remote. I cannot really tell which I would be more likely to choose. You see I don’t have bad days too often. I don’t allow myself. Until recently (February), I didn’t remember even what it was like to have a bad day. Tiring, stressful, hectic but not bad. I normally grab for the television or stereo remote automatically. I also grab for the computer’s on button.

After disrobing and showering I usually jump right onto the computer. It’s warmed up and ready to go by the time I get out of the shower and I’m ready to comment and reply and write some more. I like to chat with special friends and we joke around a lot. While I’m on the computer I do watch TV too. If it is a television show I want to watch the TV gets more of my attention than the computer. If not, my computer table sits in front of a huge mirror and I concentrate on the computer and watch through the mirror.

If I’m not at all interested in TV, I listen to music. Generally I do not listen to the radio but I might put in a CD I made or listen through iTunes on the computer. I prefer the CDs because iTunes slows my computer down considerably. My favorite type of music to listen to while blogging is smooth jazz. With and without lyrics. Chris Botti is the artist I play over and over and over; ad nauseam. One of my favorite Chris Botti songs is an old Diana Ross song, Good Morning Heartache. Please, it’s only about six minutes of your life… It’s the live version and I wish you would watch it. Or if you want to just hear a sample then check out 30 seconds on Amazon by clicking on the song title below.

For the movies I watch you can see on my Roll Film, not as updated as it should be, page. As far as television shows, I like NCIS, Touch, Doctor Who, and a few shows on Food Network. If you have not been able to tell yet, I like to blog and good mood or bad, I like to grab my mouse and write.

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Chris Botti featuring Jill Scott
Good Morning Heartache

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Tony DiNozzo Stays With NCIS

Micheal Weatherly has finally signed his new contract with CBS and will be returning to NCIS for several years. I first read that Michael was the last one to get a contract continuing his role on the popular CBS drama, however I have since learned that Sean Murray, who plays McGee is the sole cast member still in negotiations.

Now that 24 is finished and there will be no more mayhem for Jack Bauer, NCIS is the only show that I is must see TV for me. I’m a huge fan of Eureka, however from the looks of the commercials for this season, I don’t think I will like the changes. Actually it looks stupid.

I am relieved that Tony is sticking around for the next few seasons and I hope the show lasts that long as well. Perhaps I should spend less time watching TV and more time lovin’ my wife!


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NCIS Romances Brewing

You already know that NCIS is one of my favorite shows on television right now. If you watch the show you know most everybody is itching to see two of the lead actors, Cote de Pablo (Ziva), and Michael Weatherly (Tony), become a couple. It appears at least in last week’s episode that they shared a bed. Whether or not they were engaging in any hanky-panky remains to be seen.

It turns out we just might see it. Romance is brewing on the number one show on TV not just between Tony and Ziva, but perhaps Abby and McGee will also be reacquainted, so to speak. So, Tiva, Abby and McGee, what about Gibbs. Could the lawyer who has it in for NCIS and Gibbs actually be interested in Gibbs? From what Shane Brennan tells Entertainment Weekly, anything is possible.

What about Ducky?

B L A C K   H I S T O R Y   M O N T H   N U G G E T   O F   T H E   D A Y

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