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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 30

One question or subject matter if I were asked here on 30 Days of Blogging Honesty I know I would refuse to answer or definitely lie about is…

Unfortunately nothing. I feel confident that I can share anything without fear of embarrassment or shame. I am a very open person and I don’t mind writing about myself. Talking about myself is a different story but I can write with little or no problem. There is no topic off limits. I’ve already written about being an nudist, teen sexcapades, and I have an Ask page set up for all the questions I’m tired of answering in emails. On that page though I do admit I might not tell the truth. During these honesty months, you can trust that I am!

With this being the last question of the month, I can say in all honesty that one of the reasons I like the meme questions and next year’s honesty questions to be contributed by participants is when forced to come up with questions by myself my mind has a tendency to resort to questions of a sensual or sexual nature when I run out of questions to ask.

To avoid creating questions others may be too uncomfortable answering, I ask for your help. Not everyone has the advantage or inclination to be honest in every aspect of their lives. Also keeping sexually natured questions to a minimum allows more people to feel comfortable taking part in the month long event and the memes. Also it helps that people don’t feel the necessity to distance themselves from me because they think I’m too weird or perhaps a pervert.

No subject is off limits while creating questions for the honesty months. That is the reason for an alternate question. If a question makes you uncomfortable you can always select the alternate. If more than one is uncomfortable, you can always pass on the challenge. Next year you will want to consider the alternate question carefully because question 28 could make your head spin if you choose the alternate too early on in the month! Ha ha ha!

This is last call for questions for the February 2013 honesty month. I would like to finish that post and schedule it for sometime in December. There are still eighteen open slots for questions.

It was a great month however yet still it is nice that it has come to an end. Looking forward to the dares. Did anyone know that April 30th was National Honesty Day? I just found out today. There are two new people who have expressed an interest in doing the month of honesty. One has already began, Weatheredeye and Serendipity has shown interest. I’m not sure if Serendipity will use here WordPress blog or her Tumblr to do the challenge. Another blogger, Amber, somehow came across last years questions and has started posting those answers. If you have time, please visit their sites and give them support by commenting.

Well, tomorrow is the day. The first Saturday of every month I have a wonderful and gifted guest blogger. This month is no different. My friend Prinsesa has created a guest post about the Holy Week in her country of the Philippines. It is very interesting and I would hope that some if not all of you would stop in and support her. Stop by her blog and partake of a few of her posts if you have never looked at Prinsesa’s Anatomy.

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“No Embarrassment Area” – Do You Pee In The Shower?

This is a new segment I’m kicking off today. It might be a segment and it might just be a one time post. No Embarrassment Area is an idea I had while watching The Dr. Oz show. He has a No Embarrassment Zone where any medical question can be asked without the fear of it being considered embarrassing. Anytime someone has a question there is a good chance others have the same question but were afraid to ask. In my No Embarrassment Area, I will come up with topic (if I can think of any more) where I hope you aren’t too embarrassed to answer or comment on. Feel free to leave your comments without fear. No one is going to judge you – least of all me.

In an interview Kelly Clarkson told a Blender interviewer that she not only pees in the shower but admits to checking the color of her snot when she is sick. To be honest, I applaud her honesty. People usually flat out lie when asked questions that might cast them in a different light, to friends and family. People lie about dumb things anyway. How many times has someone asked you what time it was? You know it was twenty seven minutes after four, but you said, 4:30.

When you can’t even tell the truth about what time it is something is wrong. People will tell you they don’t or never picked their nose, masturbate, snore, or even pee in the shower. Those are the ones you’ll see running down the street with their pants on fire.

Life happens. If you are brave enough leave a comment. I want to know if you pee in the shower. If it makes it easier for you to answer, urine is sterile when it leaves the body. Totally clean. Peeing in the shower actually cleans the tub as it travels to the drain. No need to be embarrassed. I hope you like the joke too.

I almost forgot to tell you that yes, yes indeed I do sometimes pee in shower. It is quicker than getting out of the shower and going. Just in case you’re wondering it’s not just a guy thing too. I have it on good authority that women pee in the shower as well.


Why do guys pee in the shower?
Because peeing in the bathtub is just disgusting.

In a completely unrelated thought, why is it that no sooner than we are squeaky clean and step out of the shower, people always fart? A nice clean butt, between the cheeks too, and then, pooooooofff!, soiled by dirty air. It gets on my nerves for sure. C’mon, I know I’m not the only one!

Make sure to stop back on January 2, 2010 for our first guest blogger, Chris Ferrell from Nerds of the Round Table.


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