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Redux: Read Blogs And The Like Button Option

In my haste to create and schedule a post for yesterday I wrote a sloppy and poorly put together post. I did not go far enough into depth on the one subject I meant to address and also filled the post with unnecessary content. I neglected to mention important facts and mentioned unimportant, non pertinent matters. Basically I was a bad blogger. This post attempts to rectify the problem and address head on my point.

From your WordPress Landing page (it’s what I call it) you have many options. Usually when you arrive at the landing page what you see is the Freshly Pressed page, however, there are also a variety of tools and other tabs at your disposal and many places you can go from there. If you notice in the far left hand corner you will see the WordPress logo.

From both the landing page’s Read Blogs tab and from the drop down menu on the WordPress logo you can access the blogs you follow without ever visiting the blog itself.

I’m positive when WordPress created this feature it was to give us followers the ability to quickly scan what could be hundreds of blogs we might follow and then decide whether or not the topic and brief introduction to that post was interesting enough to warrant clicking on to finish reading the full post at the writers blog.

From this Read Blogs page which you can see above, you get a synopsis of the post along with the ability to reblog the post or like the post. If you click the like button frim here as I have witnessed many spammers do, it gives bloggers the false impression that someone has taken the time to come to their blog and read what was written and then clicked the like button. To me, it is another avenue for spammers. I don’t mean everyone who does this is spamming. I’m strictly reserving this post for those who do do it just to bring attention to them and or their blog. Some bloggers are taking advantage of the convenience and leaving writers to believe their content was read. As you can see below, I have liked those same three blog post from the above graphic but have yet to visit those blogs. All three of those bloggers must think I did visit and loved what they wrote. To me, and I am only speaking for me, it is deceitful and it is spam.

There are many ways to follow a blog. By coming to that blog everyday and looking to see if there happens to be a new post. By subscribing through email. By clicking the WordPress Follow button or even by RSS feeds. This post is only addressing the ease of following through WordPress and those I believe who only want you to visit their blog because you see an new face in the Like section and believe they visited yours. It was not my intent to confuse or misdirect anyone yesterday.

After I finished writing this post, I did visit those three blogs. If I liked it I kept the Like and if not, I un-clicked. Sorry if I un-clicked guy and gals.

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Read Blogs And The Like Button Option

This is not a rant. I don’t think I do rants on this blog, do I? I feel it is an observation and one not directed at anyone person/blogger/follower in particular. It is just an observation.

As most bloggers are happy to get any attention paid to their posts, I am no different. I write because I want to say something and since people have taken an interest in what I say; I now write for those who read Morning Erection more so than I do for myself. Writing something informative. Trying to make people laugh. Being a friend. Getting my interests out in the open and seeing if there is anyone who shares a commonality.

Lately I have noticed a trend on WordPress that I have tried my hardest to abstain from doing myself. I check my stat pages far too often but I’m not so concerned with the number of visitors I have but more interested in the pages that are being read. I have noticed some people (no names) show up as having liked a post of mine. That is great. Someone liked my words, an image I found, a poem, my take on a movie, a word of advice —> whatever. This warm and fuzzy feeling comes over me (like when you bite into a warm chocolate chip cookie)! But then later, alright I admit it, right away I go to the stat page and see that there have been no visitors to that page at all yet that day. Or there are more likes that have been clicked than there are page views.

I’m just sayin’. I would much rather a post receive honest attention than someone who goes to the Read Blogs tab and just clicks the “Like” button. If anyone else is as anal about their blog as I reportedly am, I’m sure they have picked up on this trend as well. There are times when I read a post and I like it and click the like button but do not leave a comment. I do read other comments and if someone has already said exactly what I want to say then I see no purpose in reiterating somebody elses words.

My point is (because I feel like I am rambling on here): don’t pretend to like what you’ve read here on Morning Erection when you have not read it. If I’m reading my stats page incorrectly or I am way off base, I publicly apologize.

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