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International Priority Mail to The Philippines

Ten books will be on there way to the Philippines today thanks to Carl. He also made two CDs for Anne. This is just the first of what we hope will be many packages on their way to my Bunso Anne.

Thank you to all who have promised books and or money to cover the postage (books are heavy)! Magazines are also welcomed and your home made burned CDs are also wanted. She likes R & B and Indie bands but will be happy with anything!

All that I ask is the content of what ever you donate, whether book, magazine or song on a CD, please make sure it is appropriate for someone in Anne’s state of mind. We are trying to help and not hinder.

With the millions of books and songs out there I doubt if there will be much duplication but just in case here is a list of what was purchased or made so far. Thanks again and I know Anne appreciates it as well.


It’s Me, O Lord – Christian poetry
At Home In Mitford – Small town drama
Out to Canaan – Small town drama
90 Minutes in Heaven – Christian Non-fiction
Billion-Dollar Kiss – TV writer turned author
Know What You Believe – Christian apologetics
Twilight – Imitation cheesy vampire crap (smile)
The Blue Flower – Romance
Fire In The Blood – Romance
A Light In The Window – Small town drama

Compact Discs

Disc One

Disc Two

I can’t imagine anyone has the same taste in music as Iron Cook Carl, but just in case…

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Suicide Attempts

I need your help my friends. I came across a blogger this morning who could really use some friends. Her name is Anne and she lives in the Philippines. It broke my heart reading her posts. I know that I have some, if not the best blogging friends on the planet so I am asking you for help. Please find it in your hearts (mostly my female friends, but of course males too) to visit her site and leave some words of encouragement.

Don’t do it just for the sake of doing it and please don’t tell her not to commit suicide. That is not a deterrent. Words of encouragement and reasons for living help. Let her know that the bad things others say to her and do to her are not her fault; let her know that is their problem and not hers. I’m very sure that all who want to head over to her blog need no instruction from me, so I thank you.

I just learned that she has decided to seek help from doctors this January. That means no phones and no internet. Please stop by soon – today if possible. I know she is online right now. Thank you all. You are the best!

Anne’s blog is I Am Ms. Brightside and the post you should read first is Stitches.

Maybe you are not comfortable dealing with this subject matter. That is fine too, just visit her other posts and leave comments. Everyone with a blog likes comments! I know I do! Hint, hint…



A Prayer For The Philippines

A significant number of my blogging friends are from the Philippines. If you have not heard there is a large death toll (650 people, mostly children and women) due to strong storms that caused flash flooding while most were sleeping. There are also over 800 still missing.

It was late in the rainy season for Tropical Storm Washi when flash flooding down mountain slopes causing trees to be uprooted trees and swelling rivers that caused the death of hundreds. What is great about blogging is also bad about blogging. I know my friends live in the Philippines but not exactly where. I don’t know whether to breath a sigh of relief or be concerned. I feel for the family’s that have lost loved ones yet I am still left wondering if any of the devastation has touched anyone I know.

This is a busy time of the year and blogging gives way to more important things. because of that lots of people don’t check in, visit blogs or even update their own blogs. I just pray and I ask that you do too, that anyone I know and that they know is safe and secure.

I also ask my friends to make it known that they are safe.

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