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For I Cannot Forget U But Heaven Knows I Would Never Try

For I Cannot Forget U But Heaven Knows I Would Not Try
by Tom Baker

i cannot forget you
though why would i try for
now that the seed of friendship has been
implanted and watered in my cardiac soil

i cannot forget you
as you’ve sprouted those roots
and taken firm hold beneath the
love and music played by my heartstrings

i cannot forget you
your foundation in me runs deep
to the fiber of my very being
far enough to alter my soul

i cannot forget you
nor pretend that it’s an option
my stems and my blossom now turn to your heart
basking in the sunshine that is u

for i cannot forget you…
but heaven knows i would never try
t’would be futile to turn
to turn away from love

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Her Love Will Never Be Mine

Written circa 1998, and scheduled on January 12, 2012 for posting on February 4, 2012

This is a poem I found recently in a pile of old papers without a date on it. If I were to speculate when I wrote it and what was going on in my life, I would guesstimate I was eighteen or nineteen years old. Not my best work but I like it.

Her Love Will Never Be Mine

I thank God on hands and knees for dreams
For in them is the only time she is truly mine
She makes the stars closer, the moon shine brighter

In those grand dreams, my arms engulf her
Her smile is meant for me alone as are her sweet kisses
She makes the birds fly higher, the sun’s rays warmer

The dreams I first dreamed in my mother’s womb
A dream across the ages, across time of destiny
Of her special love meant for me that will never be mine

My dream turned to nightmare the day he entered into her life
When she gave freely her love to another man
I’m enslaved by the freedom her love for him gave to me

To date, I still dream of her love that will never be mine
I am not alone though; I share my bed
Every night with the feelings of hurt and pain

Because my dreams are unrealistic, childlike jealousy
Our friendship continues to grow because I hide my pain convincingly
For now, I am doing just fine but who knows what’s ahead

I cling to false hope, memories of the love we once shared
But still her love will never be completely mine
I would offer my love, my life to her openly if she becomes free

Or as it seems for now, that love
Her love will never be mine – again.

Her Love Will Never Be His Either
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