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Poetic License – June 2012

Welcome to the new Poetic License. From now on Morning Erection’s Poetic License will focus solely on one poet and four of their new poems (three this month). The poems you read today are being featured here and are presented to the world for the first time anywhere. Enjoy these works of verbal art now and then you can find more of Kymmie at her blog, the KymmieTheWriter.

The Struggles Of A Heartbreaker

I wanted to be your biggest obstacle.
The rain that hits your umbrella,
the sun that shines in your eyes,
the pain that causes your cries,

but in that moment you showed me and told me that your love was like Teflon,
too strong for any hurt I could bring on, so I could go on and fade on..
If only I could capture you. I’d be your slave owner, you’d be my slave.
Causing wet cheeks and make up stains, is what I’d do to ease my pain.

I’d whip your heart and no man above could save you, Cause when in Rome you do as the Romans do.
But before I could be your hearts reaper, you said “no, I am my hearts keeper, made of Teflon.
Protected from any hurt you bring on. So you could walk through those dark shadows alone”
And alone is where my heart will roam.

What Perfection Contains

I am not courageous, nor brave
I am merely a human forced into
the net of natural strength.

I am never perfect, or even close
My flaws carry burdens heavier
then what perfection can contain.

I am not joyful, not even happy
My sorrows can be the ambassador
of the longest frown

I am the owner of the clearest vision
I see hearts when they are not freed
They pump through life colorless, like me

I hear those who remain silent
because I too understand the language
of those whom never heard a love song

Even when I am not understood, nor cherished
I skip through at a pace only realists grace
Proud of my ability to accept inability

-And live life as a human does.


Creating illusions of what the world should contain, dreams have become the driver to my live imagination.
Yearning for the moment when I can close my eyes, I know the sweet escape is beyond me.
I become the driver of an extraordinary vehicle, my mind is like the unexplored universe,
touched only by the hands of dreams, a picture perfect moment repeated behind the lids of my closed eyes.
Let me live in my abstract glory, and awake me only when the dream becomes real,
and I seek to again escape to a place never seen behind the lids of my closed eyes.

All Rights Reserved © by Kymmie and KymmiTheWriter. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry featured here.

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A Poetic License Exclusive

As many of you know on the first Monday of every month Poetic License features eight poets with one of their poems. The winds of change have swept through Morning Erection. From this month going forward Morning Erection’s Poetic License series will be featuring one singular poet with four of their original poems, published exclusively here. Exclusive is such a relative term though. It will be exclusive in so far as they will be published here first. All poets are free to post any and all of their poetry anywhere else and anytime they want. I hold no rights to their property other than being the privileged one to get to present them to the world first.

The first great poet to be featured is Safaa Tasneem. I hope you come back on May 7th to see her brand new literary creations, exclusive to Morning Erection! This is the format from now on and if you create poetry and would also like to be featured, just let me know. November and December of this year are still open.

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Poetic License, March 2012

Poetic License is the part of Morning Erection that allows me to showcase some of the great poets that I find in my travels throughout the Internet. I have found that by posting works by other bloggers often brings more traffic to their site as well as mine and that is a good thing.

Poetic License is scheduled for the first Monday in every month. I ask if you find a poem that touches you in some way either leave a comment for the author or visit their blog and let them know. Thank you for reading.

by Priyaasha

Her hair and clothes are out of place
And tear droplets all over her face.

Surrounded by a mist of agony and pain
The hurt was more than she could sustain.

Face smeared completely with the khol of her eyes
Which came down with tears,
owing to the lies.

The broken photo-frame lay on the floor
And room filled with darkness galore.

She stood near the window sill,
gazing long and hard!
Awaiting his arrival,
through the deserted backyard.

Saw a glimpse of his smile.
For an instant she all but complete,
as the endearing aspect left her immobile.

He was her only desire,
she stretched her arms far and wide.
But emptiness was all she could acquire.

All she wanted was to be treasured again.
Her heart ached, it pleaded,
but there was nothing she could attain!

The deafening silence and abandonment were her only peers,
Which never left her side all these year.

That misty frame of her beloved’s soon dispersed in the air.
Here enters the darkness.
And she was left reiterating in the depths of despair!!!

The Day
by Shira

The day we met.

The day we blinked to one another.

The day we said hi.

The day we talked.

The day we smiled.

The day we laughed.

The day we misunderstood.

The day we quarreled.

The day we fought.

The day we cried.

The day we fell with one another.

The day we promised.

I can still clearly remember those days.

I can still clearly remember the words.

I can still clearly remember my love for you.

First Kiss
by HajPaj

The moonlight streamed down
You turned my whole life around
The wind whistled through the trees
You filled me with giddy glee
The smell of barbeque floated in the air
You hypnotized me with that stare
The whole world stopped, not a pip
You leaned in to kiss me on the lips.
The day I had my very first kiss.

The Center
by Aslan Kanshaw

The center of everything
Sometimes predictable
Like a child
Sometimes unexplainable
Like a man gone wild
Its so consuming..
And greedy..
Has many faces
Fragile and needy
Thrives on emotions
The negative
The positive
It asks even for more
And I always give
I just
Don’t want my heart!

Cover of Night
by JadedHeart

Walk with me through darkened streets
Off the path of life’s deceits
We’ll walk in shadows out of sight
With no betrayal by the light
We must keep hidden our heart and soul
From all the hate that would take its toll
It lingers in alleys that we pass
And stares so hard through the window’s glass
Seeking a glimpse of where we might be
Silhouette could betray easily
So be sure to stay where shadows fall
And listen not to it’s tempting call

by rCaneWolf

The only super power I want is Strength.

I know what it’s like to run away at fast speeds.
I know what it’s like to teleport to a distant land.
I myself left the ground and resided in the skies in my flights.
I know what it’s like to be invisible.
I know what it’s like to shoot lasers from my eyes and burn the very being, the soul of another.
I know what it’s like to materialize things.
I know what being invincible feels like and idk about living forever but I know how it feels to die to flip it on its backside.
I’ve read minds and predicted things to no personal benefits.

What’s more to ask for?

The strength to stay and if I shall leave to just walk away.
The strength to walk and chase the distant location without a teleported glimpse.
The strength to stand ground and feet flat with the world on my mind.
The strength to be seen at various scenes and take the main role.
The strength to open up my windows for you to see the real me.
The strength to resist the allure of items.
The strength to leave the Achilles heel bare.
The strength to break expectations into realizations and truly understand than a hunch from a man.
The only super power I want is strength.

Too Young
by Alex

we learned the word “hate”
when we were still too young
to know what hate was.

but we’ve been loving
since the moment
we could breathe on our own.

these clocks that
only move forward
tell us nothing, then.

we will always be
too young to hate
and just old enough to love.

Letting Go
by Gabriela Vargas

It’s not that I don’t miss you
It’s not that I don’t care
But holding on just seems so much harder
It’s easier for you to not be aware

If I told you that I love you
And life without you sucks
You’d want me back
You’d want me with you
You’d want the same old hugs

Hugs and kisses, and those old fights
Everything would be the same
We’d go back to getting irritated
Irritated at the same old things

I don’t like arguing with you
I don’t like getting mad
I love it when it’s just you and me
It’s all I’ve ever had

It’s all I’ve ever had
You’ve all I’ve ever had
And you’re all I’ll ever need
Letting go is so much harder
Letting go is the only way

All Rights Reserved © by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

If your poem is/was featured on Poetic License please consider adding the graphic to your site. It definitely is not required but you would make me a happy camper!

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