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Poetic License – August 2012

Welcome to the new Poetic License. Morning Erection’s Poetic License now focuses solely on one poet and four of their new poems. The poems you read today are being featured here and are presented to the world for the first time anywhere. Enjoy these works of verbal art now and then you can find more of  at Blaga’s blog, Broken Sparkles.


It takes so long to sneak in my heart,
what an ecstasy against solitude and sour winds.
The first colors, the melody of flowers,
there isn’t agony in the sway under the rain.

And you and I, dire souls in sunset flames,
between white rock-roses and swan feathers,
we honor the rebirth of our bodies.
Together we morn the death of frost and névé,

to savor the warmth in a bed of coals
and entrust the last rays of candled light
with our desires and the taste of kismet.

And when the rainbows lead us to the garden
of bitter- sweet reminiscence, the innocence
of our fairytale only beautifies Spring and this poem.


I long for your touch, for your golden eyelashes.
Mute and absent, I drink in every glimpse of a flame.
A fantasy with lavender fields doesn’t comfort me,
I desire a reality with lilac fragrance on my lips.

I follow a trace to your heart, a blissful grasp,
to your caress, a sense of wild ocean’s lints.
I seek for the origins of your soul through
the whirling sensation of the satin sands on my skin.

I want to be a part of the sunrise luminosity,
a sparkle in the texture of the sultriness in the air,
I dream to inhale your smile of sapphires,

and I walk without a wince through
the blazing green of the majestic grass,
embracing intensely the kiss of Summer.


Lost in a storm of amber leaves, I waste
the last drop of summer to save a whisper
from the climbing roses you laid out for me,
to hold their ruby glow with the risk to blind me.

No butterflies, no blossoms stay behind to see me cry
together with the inevitable mist of clouds.
Over drowned solstice fires, I harvest the seeds of grief,
your face grows dim, consumed by the revenge of Nature.

I wake up, naked, in a naked forest, hazel shadows
sword your message through the wind. And the skies,
a pallet floating in gruesome hue and saturation,

remind me of roads never traveled,
of lands never swept by innocent laughter,
of broken hearts that declare the debut of Autumn.


Brutal love, lonely promises in frigid, velvet gowns,
the sun has turned back on you, on me, on hope.
We all weep, conquered by sable tears,
by javelins of fables and rue, asking why?

Why did he end the passion, the blush of pretty garlands,
merrily pirouetting over the ivory beauty of snow?
Who let him lash out at the gift of fantasy and flowers?
What soul, what consciousness he shares?

And as the freezing nights separate us with blizzards,
with lifeless words of unwritten ballads, I see
how every dawn is secretly charged with fake summers,

but no answer is granted, only thorns and wounds,
cleaving the last sensation left into ruins, guarding
the silent power and the crystal tiara of lady Winter.

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For I Cannot Forget U But Heaven Knows I Would Never Try

For I Cannot Forget U But Heaven Knows I Would Not Try
by Tom Baker

i cannot forget you
though why would i try for
now that the seed of friendship has been
implanted and watered in my cardiac soil

i cannot forget you
as you’ve sprouted those roots
and taken firm hold beneath the
love and music played by my heartstrings

i cannot forget you
your foundation in me runs deep
to the fiber of my very being
far enough to alter my soul

i cannot forget you
nor pretend that it’s an option
my stems and my blossom now turn to your heart
basking in the sunshine that is u

for i cannot forget you…
but heaven knows i would never try
t’would be futile to turn
to turn away from love

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A Poetic License Exclusive

As many of you know on the first Monday of every month Poetic License features eight poets with one of their poems. The winds of change have swept through Morning Erection. From this month going forward Morning Erection’s Poetic License series will be featuring one singular poet with four of their original poems, published exclusively here. Exclusive is such a relative term though. It will be exclusive in so far as they will be published here first. All poets are free to post any and all of their poetry anywhere else and anytime they want. I hold no rights to their property other than being the privileged one to get to present them to the world first.

The first great poet to be featured is Safaa Tasneem. I hope you come back on May 7th to see her brand new literary creations, exclusive to Morning Erection! This is the format from now on and if you create poetry and would also like to be featured, just let me know. November and December of this year are still open.

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