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Awesome Photography Credits: Slideshow

I’m sad to say that when I went back to to get the photographer and credit information for each photo I featured on this site, I was unable to locate every single photograph. I did the best I could however it’s been since March when I got them and maybe the photographers have removed the photos from the site. I used a reverse photo search engine but still didn’t find them all. There are a total of 163 photos in my Awesome Photography posts and I am able to give credit in the slideshow below to 118 I ask that you visit 1x if you like great works of photography because that is definitely what this site offers.

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10 Portrait Images I Found From Friends On The Now Defunct TagWorld

I used to have an account on a social site called TagWorld. TagWorld was not nearly as popular as other social networking sites like Facebook, so they closed up shop. Before they ended their service I managed to save some images that my friends and I had collected.

These might not be as interesting to you as they are to me, but I’m sharing them once again with the world.

Amie Williamsburg Bridge

Tenderness Cliff

Eternity Crouching Tiger...

Peek a Boo Sherbert Flavored Canyon

Wind Swept Foggy Sunset


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