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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare

Once again I am in cahoots with Cherlyn Cochrane from Over a Cup Of Coffee. Last year we, along with several other bloggers answered 31 questions during the month of May. The questions required total honesty so the month was called 31 Days of Blogging Honesty.

We are doing it again this year and hope some of you would like to take part too. Because it involves complete and total honesty there may be many who choose to refrain.

There are rules.

1. You must answer 30 questions.
2. You must place the above graphic on each day’s post.
3. After the 30 days is over, you must complete one of the dares.
4. You must make every effort to reply to any and all comments left on your blog during the 30 Days and the Dare.
5. Everyone must make a concerted effort to visit the blogs of other participants and comment on their responses. Read the rest of this entry »

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