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Thank You Prinsesa Musang

I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into your guest post Prinsesa. It was a very informative post and like all the other guests who have posted here, I am proud to have it on my blog. I love learning new things and it was great to learn about the culture and traditions of the people of the Philippines.

Next month the guest will be Daniel Dockery from Daniel Is Funny. If you would ever decide you would like to guest post, let me know and I will reserve a month for you.

Thank you very much Prinsesa. You will never know how appreciative I am of your talent being expressed her on Morning Erection.

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Especially Four Prinsesa Musang

A friend of mine, Prinsesa Musang is having a contest at her blog, Prinsesa’s Anatomy. She is celebrating four years of blogging. This post serves as my entry into the contest. The contest rules are simple. I just need to create a post on my blog about what I think of her and her blog. I suppose out of all those who enter, she will chose the best or most entertaining post and select a winner.

I am only entering because if I win I would like her to give all of the prizes to my Bunso Anne when she comes out of rehab. The prizes include a clay trinket, a book and an additional prize which she says is worth thousands in cash money. I’m hoping it is a laptop although I’m not completely sure it isn’t Monopoly cash!

Here goes…

I’m just going to be honest. I don’t get to visit the many blogs I follow as often as I like but when I find a particularly interesting post title, I do try to read and comment. Prinsesa refers to her blog post’s as pooping and she’s been publicly pooping since 2008. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a great outlook on life and I really enjoy reading her posts. I think you should spend some time at her blog as well..

Why do I feel I deserve this prize? Because it is probably the first time I have spelled her name without replacing the first ‘s’ with a ‘c’. I just went over to my Tags page and corrected the mistake there too. Now I just need to go back and redo the graphic for her guest post later this year. If I could only correct the comments I’ve previously left on her posts… Forgive me Prinsesa.

Back to the task at hand.

I have learned many things from reading Prinsesa’s blog. She showed us ten unique facts about my brain, she let us know that she likes watching cat pornography and her puzzle revealed that she is broken, fat and pretty. I don’t think she should rely on word games to determine her self worth but it makes for an interesting post regardless. I hope she continues blogging for at least another four years!

The most important thing I learned about Prinsesa is that I like her very much and I’m glad we are friends. I also hope she likes the menu I’ve prepared for the dinner party on Saturday!

One other thing, I don’t think any of us who read her blog, Prinsesa’s Anatomy, has seen any of her anatomy! Ironic isn’t it.

It is not the usual schedule for a guest blogger, however this Saturday, February 25th Mai Mergili, the owner of Pencil Pillow will be guest posting for me. February is her month but we got our signals crossed because I did not specify the exact day and date. My fault! It does not matter because her post is going to be worth the wait. I encourage you to visit her blog before reading her post this Saturday. Pencil Pillow is a blog about Fashion, Food and Photography. I just noticed today that Mai is also a talented artist.