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Poetic License – August 2011


Poetic License is posted on the first Monday of every month. It consists of eight carefully selected for your reading pleasure from the thousands posted across the Internet daily. I only want the best for those who make it through the sea of blog posts to my blog. I hope you truly enjoy this month’s selection. If there is a particular poem that you find moving, please visit the link of the poet and let him or her know.

by Stephen

A warm radiant glow surrounds the once dead coals
A flame ignited by the wind, the random hand of God
And now it spreads, in an all-consuming fury
Without boundary, without inhibition,
A passionate blaze too bright for the naked eye and
Too hot for the unprotected hand
I stare in awe of the impulse of nature’s wrath
And as it subsides, as it is laid to rest
I stare at the simmering cinders and think that
I only want to see it again.

Waiting For You
by K. Cook

I run to you open-minded seeking
acceptance yet I leave you with only
regret. Feeling like what I am is
not what you want. Not really sure
if I wanna go still confused.

Hoping, searching a familiar look
on your face to let me know what I
should do. I love I mean I really do
but the question is do you really love me?

Left alone with single thoughts
contemplating our future do I stay
or do I go. Needing that guidance from
you listening, sitting, waiting…

by Blindingiris

You squeeze in closely.
Stomach against my spine.
Arm slivering down me.
Your hand fits into mine.
Warm breath on my neck,
as your feet curl under mine.
My ankles connect.
A shiver goes down my spine.
I nestle back so close to you.
Every inch of mine is yours.
One person made from out of two.
Hers is his and his is hers.
The closer we glide together,
the harder it is to stop.
Our hearts, now beating faster.
I’m afraid they just might pop.

Reason To Live?
by Unseenface4ever

What is the reason to live?
To be hurt?
To be killed?

What is the reason to live?
To know pain?
To know heart break?

What is the reason to live?
To feel hate?
To feel anguish?

What is the reason to live?
To smile
To laugh
to love
to be loved
to make friends
to build bridges
then break them down
and make new paths
to know and learn
to feel
to see
to taste
to experience

Those are the reasons to live.

by GracefulGlider

March 4th
Unmistakably unforgettable
As she touched me
Slowly at first
Exploring my face
I thought she cared
I though I was hurt
She just touched
She took my hand
Drew a map and smiled at me
I thought this was a new found game
Then i touched
Her nipples first
She threw her head back
Slowly sighing
Looks exchanged
I was lost
She touched me there
I can’t say where
I was confused
‘It will be ok’
‘But this is wrong’
‘No, it’s just fine’
She touched me
She touched her
She made sounds
I thought she cried
She hit me there
I had woken up
It felt nice
I knew it would be alright
She hit me
Made me swear nothing happened
In an hour my mother was home
In an hour, we wouldn’t talk
In an hour, our eyes won’t meet
In an hour it would all be over
In an hour I will be eight again
My mother will hug her boy
In an hour I will push back March 4th
For in the morning she will be gone
She planned to go
she told me she’d miss me
I looked away
at my mother
I knew I’d be safe
Mother would stay home
It was March 5th

Why I Hate Rain
by Chamz

The rain is pouring again
My tears are starting to fall
Every time I think of you
I can’t help it but cry

I don’t want you to know
That every time I think of you,
My heart aches, my eyes cry
Yes, I don’t want you to see me unhappy

The rain reminds me of you
How you left me with a broken heart
How you tore my soul apart
And I wish to make things undo

The sun will shine tomorrow
I wish you could see me through
I hope you will realize the pain
That I’m feeling again and again

I kissed the wind goodbye
If that wind strikes your lips in time
I wish you will feel my love for you
And realize you feel the same way too

Smile, For I Love You
by Mcamarifosque

You work so hard today
To reach goals, fulfill heart’s desire,
And though we move our way
You work so hard I know you tire,
Don’t feel alone in your daily plight
As night comes and day breaks anew,
I wish with all my heart as might
To make you smile, make you happy- true,
And that is what I’ll do to you
Til that day- I come to you or you for me,
Smile as this poem finds you

Outer Limits
by L. K. Thayer

light dances across my body
the ache between my thighs
longs for your occupation
slide me across the water bed
of oceans between us
landing gently
into your arms
unfolding my lips
lift my hips
close to your mouth’s embrace
drink from my loving cup
quench your thirst
and desire for me
touch me everywhere
even the parts you cannot see
take me towards
the outer limits of lust
seize my sensuality
hold on and ride me
through rough waters
sail me
til we reach
the promised

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