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Poetic License – February 2012

I have designated February as the month of romance for Poetic License because of St. Valentine’s Day. This will be the only month when Poetic License has a theme. I think every day of every month should be romantic. I must caution you that if you click on the links to visit the sites of some of the authors, you may find that their sites are full of erotic poetry and adult imagery.

Indigo Satin
by J. S. Wayne

In the last dying gasp before night

I cast about in the shadows where I know you hide.

A pale glimpse of flesh teases my gaze

I know only too well your seductive ways.

You run and flee, you lurk and creep

A new succubus in the night disrupting my sleep.

You watch across the darkness as sleep claims me

Then you appear out of the blackness, thinking to tame me

Indigo satin below, bloody leather atop

Tottering on high heels, daring me to stop

You’ve underestimated my overheated desire

I must quench myself in you or be taken by the fire

I raise questing hands to the curves you reveal

You give the smallest moan as I force you to kneel.

The leather is smooth and warm to my touch

I see your breath catch with the heat of your lust.

The more of your silken flesh I touch the more I crave

I lower my mouth, with my tongue to lave

Now I move to pleasurably take

The slick wet folds in which our lust I’ll slake

You arch and moan and scream into my face

As my hardness takes the full brunt of our frantic pace

Then your insides spasm and clench on me tight

It’s no use, I can’t hold back and explode into light

When the world returns around us again

On the floor, discarded, I smile at indigo satin.

Self Discovery
by Ms. Me

There it is,

Your hand on my hip sliding around my waist,

There it is,

Your lips on my neck sucking in my skin,

There it is,

My hands on your chest digging for your heart,

There it is,

My lips on your forehead kissing my way into your thoughts,

There it is,

Our bodies intertwined melting with passion,

There it is,

Our souls captured in the moment passionately becoming one,

There it is,

Everything I want.


There it is,

I’m done.

by Brooke Samuel

From the beauty that drops the tree lines with a moist heart
Sent so pure I want to become rain
The nourishment  that replenish the soul of the earth to make it count
Let me surround you!
To think that I could climb in your mind and make myself at home is knowledge
To fill your blood and become part of your pedigree is gratifying
To rock your body till I feel the strain of war and the rumble of thunder is pleasurable
To know my words can affect your world making your blue skies grey is the worst of a miracle it’s evil
To know that I’m sorry and to say so, but it comes out vile is pain
But to love more than to have been loved is a blessing.

I Would Burn
by VampireWeather

To stand so still beside your bed
My light to give a calming glow
The fragrance of my love to shed
And this, my passion, ever show
If I, a candle, could express
My heart through flames and sweet perfume
Your eyes: my oxygen; my breath
Supply the spark to light this room

And I would burn to see your face
Each flicker dancing in your gaze
Until the last of me dissolved
The flame extinguished by the grave
Inscribed in fire, let me tell
With every length of wick I lose
I set this blaze within myself
To be the warmth inside of you

by 1Manview

Open me up slowly, softly, tenderly,
Taste my wine of wanting lust,

Take my mind on a distance ride,
While it rides on tides of surreal sensations…

Taste me deep,
Until my knees go weak,

Make my lungs deeply exhale
As the sexual storm inside me wails,

Make my voice speak in an unknown language
While my ears bask in audible slurps and suction sounds…

And just before my world quivers,
Tell me… What flavor is my taste?

Soak You
by Tempting Sweets

I want to:

Stroke you,

Lick you,

Make you

Nice and hard,

Sink down on your thick  rod,

Ride you

Until I

Soak you

With my tasty juices.

Side Effect Of Love
by SaucieSpeaks

Attn: side effects of love may cause:

Mood Swings
Increased Sexual Appetite
Heart Palpatations

Please take in small doses….

by Heaven

draw the curtains close
as I unpin my long hair
brushing opened shirt   


light feather touches
rolling, unrolling my hips
air heavy, smoky


silent communion
lips and hips in rhythmic beat
piercing paper walls


resting gentle lips
bare devotion in your arms
making my heart jump


quiet end of night
serenity curled my lap
sleeping days on end

All Rights Reserved © by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

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