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¡¿Say What?! – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Before you read any further, please go to the comment section. Leave your real name, address, phone number and social security number. Then, and only then, please submit your bank account number and as a bonus, tell me your deepest darkest secret. If you are in the mood, send me some nude photos too so I can post them on Flickr (but not to embarrass you, just as an honest mistake).

Doesn’t sound like something you would do? Well the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) posted the entire manual on how they handle security at our nations airports. Detailed secrets for the world to see. The TSA downplayed the asinine blunder by saying most of the information is outdated and the public is not in any danger. Anybody believe that?

Information that had been blocked and blacked out was easily seen by using simple software to see the sensitive and secret information. The information has been available online since March but just recently made public. The blog, Wandering Aramean first reported this. They were also the ones who let it be known how to read the blacked out words.

The TSA document showed that passengers with prosthetic devices, wheelchairs and surgical footwear may be exempt from screening for explosives at certain times and to always screen individuals who have passports from Syria, North Korea, Somalia, Cuba and Iran.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

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Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments

embarrassingHappy Thanksgiving! Perhaps I should wait and see if I will ever get a large following on this blog before I attempt such a question. I asked for desktop screenshots in only the second week of the blog. Surprisingly I did get one visitor to send me their screenshot and it will be posted as soon as I get more, however, if I ask for your most embarrassing moment; will I get any response at all?

If you would like to submit your most embarrassing moment just send it in an email to me and I will post it in the future anonymously. If you can share someone elses most embarrassing moment and not yours that is okay too. I just don’t want anything that is made up or a lie. The truth will set you free. When I’ve collected enough I will post them, as well as mine! Please submit only your true stories to either the comments below or to my email.

Here is an example of one I found on the Internet. This is the case of a woman who befriended her boss on Facebook and then complained about him.


My November 30, 2009 post will have sexually oriented material much like the first three posts on the blog. By request of the many visitors to those three posts, I am submitting real life stories of my teenage life. If this type of material offends, I admonish you to ignore the 11-30 post. Thank you.


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