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Guest Blogger Jacqui

Have you ever wanted to say, “I knew her before she was famous?” If so, meet Jacqui, my guest blogger for June. Jacqui is an aspiring musician and an accomplished  blogger. She plays the guitar and promises to one day be famous. Jacqui, now becomes the youngest guest I have had here. Jacqui’s blog, SocialSistersBlog has just reached a milestone of over 50,000 views and she is very happy about that. I thank her parents for allowing her to guest.
One month from now we are having a meme and Jacqui has promised to take part in that as well, so you will see her again.
As I always do, I ask that you please leave a comment for Jacqui to reply to. Thank you in advance.

A Dream’s A Dream

Hey there everyone! My name is Jacqui! I own a blog called Socialsistersblog. First I just want to thank Tom so much for this great opportunity!

At first I wasn’t quite sure what to write this guest post about. There are so many things I could talk about. It was pretty overwhelming and I’m not sure how many people would want to listen to an Aussie girl talk about something that means a lot to her.

If you’ve ever read my blog you know that I like to talk about my daily life, music or other things that I find interesting. Music is something very important to me. It can tell a story or talk about life events. Some melodies that have been made are just so beautiful. You know the feeling you might get where a book is so interesting that you can’t put it down? That’s what I get when I listen to a good song. But something that might mean more to me then music or songs is playing guitar and writing my own songs. I play both acoustic and electric guitar. This will be my 5th year of having lessons and I love it! It’s hard to explain my passion for playing guitar. It’d probably come out really weird if I tried to explain it. Haha!

I just love the stories songs can tell. There are some songs I can really relate to. Writing my own songs is what I love to do. I guess it helps me express my feelings and thoughts about things. By reading this you might be able to tell that music is my passion? It’s something I’d love to do when I’m older. Of course the chances of me ‘making it’ in the music industry is very slim. You’ve got to have the look, personality/ attitude, and be able to sing (most of the time). It’s a lot of pressure.

Sometimes my mind wanders and I think about what it might be like to sing in front of thousands and to have the paparazzi follow you everywhere. People would listen to you, that’s for sure!

I wonder what people would think of an Aussie girl who can play guitar, piano and a little bass. I’m not the worst singer out there. Definitely not the best!!! Remember that. Do people even like Aussie accents? I know we say words like ‘laugh’ differently. If I wrote a song with the word ‘laugh’ in it that means people would have to sing it the way I do so it would make sense. The same with ‘tomato’. But I don’t think I’m going to be writing a song about tomatoes… Oh well, a dream’s a dream. Sometimes it can become reality.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post! I’ve definitely enjoyed writing it! Thanks again to Tom for this amazing opportunity! Cya when I cya!!

– Jacqui

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Legacy: The Blog Must Go On

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your blog if/when you die? You have created this wonderful blog. People come to the Internet from corners unknown around the globe for a peak into your psyche. They come to read the words that have sprung forth from your soul. To steal recipes and introduce them to their families as their own. The gaze in awe at your photos, crafts, paintings and you have no contingency plan for your blog in the event all of your followers outlive you.

I think that is thoughtless and cruel (in a literary sense). Was there ever a television show that you loved? A show that when things we just getting started or things were just getting better and the network canceled that show? Your death could leave your followers with that same empty feeling twice. Once at your death (but how would they even find out) and second because there would be no more posts.

My friends, countrymen, fellow Earthlings; you owe it to your readers. It’s common courtesy. It’s closure. Perhaps all of this sounds dumb to you. Maybe it even sounds a little strange to me, however, if something happened to you, I would want to know. I would want to know the reason you are not blogging anymore. Heck, I want to know that regardless of your death. If you decide to stop blogging I would be hurt if you did not let me know. I consider you all my extended family, my friends.

So, with that being said, I am taking steps this weekend to have this site continue should I die suddenly. Someone will let you know that I have died – perhaps I will even write the post myself. It the reading of my will I shall appoint someone, give them the password and let them know that I would be honored if he/she would continue blogging under the Morning Erection name.

I hope if this happens you would continue visiting to see what he/she has to say. I promise to choose someone with the same caring nature as me. I promise they will also share some things with you that I never did. Hopefully stuff that will make you laugh. No, I am not sick, depressed or suicidal. I do put a lot work into this blog and I have made the best friends on the Internet, hands down. I owe you.

What are your plans for your blog?

This Saturday, in just two days, Jacqui from SocialSistersBlog has graciously volunteered to stand in for Daniel and guest post for me. She has had less than a two week window to decide to guest, decide on a topic and write her post. Please come by Saturday and read about her love of music and her aspirations of being a famous guitarist. Between now and then please feel free to drop by her blog and learn more about Morning Erection’s June guest.

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I Got Bronchitis

No, not me personally. My idiot sister showed me this video and unfortunately I cannot help but to share it with you. The background on this video is that a woman was interviewed by a news crew about a fire in her apartment building. She was so comical that the interview was put on YouTube and went viral. Afterwards people of all sorts turned the interview into songs that parodied her interview. Play close attention to her son in the background who told his mother before she went down to not say anything stupid on camera.

First you need to see the original interview and don’t say you don’t have time for that. You do, trust me. Second, you will want watch one of the music remixes of the interview. After you are finished laughing you can go about your business.

Sorry folks, I just now found another version that I might like even more than the above one. It’s all thanks to Dan’s version in the comment section that I found this.

You are in for a wonderful treat. This Saturday, Jacqui from SocialSistersBlog has graciously volunteered to stand in for Daniel and guest post for me. I truly appreciate her commitment because she has only had less than a two week window to decide to guest, decide on a topic and write her post. Please come by Saturday and read what she has put together for us. Between now and then please feel free to drop by her blog and see what her interests are.

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