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That’s What I Want For Christmas; The Spirit Of Giving


Most people really like getting things. Whether they are buying it for them self or getting it from someone else, people love to get things. Christmas time especially for children is when they love getting things the most.

In our economy not every kid will get something and those who love to give to help people aren’t able to give this year like they have in years past. Toys For Tots help each year but each year they get less and less. Churches and charities are able to give food to those in need but not everyone is accounted for. It’s just not possible to help everyone in need even in a great economy.

Hopefully everyone reading this has the ability to purchase things for their friends and family and anything you might need yourself. Hopefully everyone reading this has a job. This post really isn’t about what I want for Christmas. It’s what I want to give and what I would like to challenge you to give as well. I’m going to sponsor a family this year and give food and gifts to each family member.

I’m not suggesting that everyone follow in my footsteps but what I am asking is that as you write your list of all the people you need to buy for this season and what it is they want that you might consider adding at least one person that you don’t know and get something for him/her. You can donate to Toys For Tots, you can find a church or someone on your job who is helping a family and join in. You might know someone in your neighborhood who is in need of help. You could invite them to Christmas dinner. You could get gifts and leave them for a family in need and knock on the door and leave the gifts there.

It takes about three weeks for packages and letters to get to our troops in Afghanistan or Iraq. If you would like to send a package or Christmas card to a member of our armed forces in lieu of a gift or family this year, now would be the time to send it.

Whether you helped a family or person out this Thanksgiving or will help this Christmas, I can guarantee that whatever you do will come back to you tenfold. Regardless of what you do or what you are able to do, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

Tomorrow Seth Winternight is guest blogging for me. His post will be about the human condition; for more information you will have to come back tomorrow! You will find his guest post to be very insightful and inspirational.For today, drop by Seth’s blog, Welcome To My Residence to read a few of his posts before tomorrow.

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