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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 28

If I could do one thing that is socially unacceptable and know I would not be judged, I would…

There is a question very similar to this question that was submitted for either the July or December meme. Similar but different enough to be acceptable as a question. I have an answer for both and I am torn as to which one to choose to do here and now. One is light-hearted and the other is of a more serious, mature nature.

Decisions, decisions!

Allllllrighty then. Let’s go with the more light-hearted one. I would pillage and plunder. After looking up the definition of pillaging and plundering I have to use a different phraseology. Simply put, I would steal. Steal specifically from banks and other financial institutions. After all, having decided earlier in the month to not pick infinite money, I need some form of income to live the lifestyle I want to become accustomed to!

No guns for me though. I don’t want to risk anyone’s life or having a firearm in my hands, give the police or FBI a reason to fire on me! I would sit right where I am now and siphon one dollar from every bank account in the world. I would do this as often as I need to keep my own private Cayman Island account with a minimum of ten million dollars at any given time.

Why sir, what would you do with all that money? I would be very naughty with all that money. I would buy a nice mansion home and a nice car. I would travel the world over visiting new places and meeting all my blogging friends and taking you all with me. I would ‘buy’ several politicians. More than several! I would use them to do my evil bidding, to further my agenda (evil laugh goes right here). I would remove harmful ingredients from processed foods, make solar and wind power usage a priority, I would make a 10% tax for everyone except businesses the norm. I would do what in my opinion would be good deeds but I guess buying my own Congressmen and women would be wrong. I can’t say I wouldn’t do it though. Honesty month, remember!

I would use the money and my infinite wisdom to enjoy life to the fullest. Also, let’s add not only not be judged but also never be caught.

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31 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 02

Day 02 — The most expensive item I have ever stolen is…

This isn’t the best way to answer a question that requires the utmost in honesty, because I can’t think of anything really expensive that I stole or for that matter anything I’ve stolen in my adult life. Wait, okay, when I was was 16 I worked in an office cleaning the different businesses. I worked for a janitorial company and usually was there in the offices long after all the employees had left.

I had been given a computer as a gift and I bought a printer to go with it with my own money. It was an HP LaserJet printer and the toner was very expensive or at least it was to me.

One of the offices that I cleaned had about ten of the same printers that I owned and I stole one of the printer cartridges. It may have been worth about $50-60. If you want to know the most valuable item I have ever stolen… well that would be my wife’s heart!

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