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Thank You Jacqui

Considering every previous guest has had at least 30 days to prepare their posts and some up to a year in advance, I am so honored and amazed that you were willing to accept the challenge of getting your post together in only twelve days

I really have to impress upon you how very thankful I am that you were able to fill the slot that was left vacant. If I could give you some tangible token instead of just words you must know that I would. Thank you very much because I cannot even begin to repay you.

There is more good news too. Daniel has submitted his guest post and I plan to use it if I ever run into a similar situation.

Who would believe that half of the year is practically over. July’s guest blogger is Eva626 from Hernownotforeva. I really hope you come back in July to read what she has in store for you. Tomorrow’s Poetic License features exclusive poems from Kymmie.

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Thank You Prinsesa Musang

I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into your guest post Prinsesa. It was a very informative post and like all the other guests who have posted here, I am proud to have it on my blog. I love learning new things and it was great to learn about the culture and traditions of the people of the Philippines.

Next month the guest will be Daniel Dockery from Daniel Is Funny. If you would ever decide you would like to guest post, let me know and I will reserve a month for you.

Thank you very much Prinsesa. You will never know how appreciative I am of your talent being expressed her on Morning Erection.

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Thank You Thoughtsy

At a time when the economy is not doing well and people are looking for jobs, it was refreshing to learn of a way to be gainfully employed and in turn be able to employ someone yourself — a sidekick!

Thank you Thoughtsy for guesting. From your post I remembered that there once was a TV show, The Green Hornet and I believe Bruce Lee played the sidekick. Those are tough shoes to fill as a sidekick to The Blue Wombat. I do appreciate the time and effort you spent in writing this.

Next month there is a returning guest. Cherlyn Cochrane from Over A Cup Of Coffee will be making a second guest appearance. She will be one of only two people to guest post twice for me. Additionally during the month of April, Cherlyn and I have committed to doing another month of blogging honesty. We did 31 days last May and we are doing 30 days next month. We hope you will join us. If you don’t have any idea what I am talking about take a look at the link below for some clarification.

If you would like a month filled with a post everyday, we can help you with that. Stay tuned.

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