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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 6

Today is the cut off date for participation in our 30 Day Challenge. Of course anyone is always free to answer the questions on their own and on their own blog as long as Cherlyn and I are given credit (links) with this particular grouping of question. What I mean by cut off is I will no longer be updating the participant list with additional names. In fact if you are participating and have less than four total posts on this, the ninth day of the challenge I will be removing you name from the list.

It is very time consuming to try to visit the 28 participating blogs everyday only to find no new posts for that day. I apologize if you feel this is unfair but I must do what I feel is best for the majority of participants. Thank you.

My worst cooking disaster involved _____________ and this person/these people…

A turkey and most of my family members. It was a stupid and yet careless mistake. It is a mistake I hear all the time though. I cooked the turkey with the plastic giblet bag still inside of the turkey and we ate it anyway.

I didn’t know about all the harmful chemicals that could have or did get into the turkey meat from the heating of the plastic bag. I’m even embarrassed mentioning it again. I could have poisoned my family and not know it. Who knows if there are any residual effects from those chemicals?

I did not hide the fact that I did something so moronic but everyone thought it was still okay to eat, so we did. Now I know better. I don’t remember if it was Thanksgiving or not, but it was a big deal get together. I was determined to have a moist and delicious turkey. I think it might have been my first time cooking turkey. I used champagne to baste it with and put loads of butter underneath the turkey skin. Seasoned well with Adobo seasoning and tarragon. It did taste good and was super moist. It was just the addition of the unnatural chemicals that added more to the meal than anyone expected.

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Giving Thanks…

I was very surprised to find out that Thanksgiving is not just a North American holiday. Food is a very important part of life so it stands to reason that when other nations choose to set aside a day for being thankful, food is at the center of the day.

I am very thankful for so many things that I could not begin to name all of them, so alas, I will take the easy way out and name none (wiping the smirk off my face)! Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy time with family and friends, watch football, eat to your heart’s content and help clean up the dishes for your mom.

I found this information on and Yahoo! Answers.

Ancient Chinese
Chung Ch’ui, was celebrated during harvest time.

Ancient Greeks
Celebrated during autumn, a festival to honor the goddess of corn and grains, Demeter.

Ancient Romans
Celebrated during autumn, to honor the goddess of corn, Ceres.

Dia Nacional de Acao de Gracas, 4th Thursday of November.

Labor Thanksgiving Day, is on November 23.

British Isles
Lammas Day is a harvest festival.

Thanksgiving Day or Fete de Grace, or Harvest home Festival, is celebrated on the second Monday in October.

Sukkot, the 5th day after Yom Kippur.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the first Thursday in November.

Independence Day, is celebrated on September 16th.

Erntedankfest, is celebrated on the first Sunday in October.

The Federal Day of Thanks, Penance, and Prayer, 3rd Sunday in September.

Chusok, is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month of the traditional Korean calendar.

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What Specifically Are You Thankful For?

Our national day of thanksgiving is over. Being thankful is not something that we need to wait for a special day. Being thankful, especially in the United States should be an every day occurrence and always at the forefront and not in the back of our minds. We are a blessed nation and a blessed people. We waste more in a 24 hour period than the rest of the world.

When you sat down yesterday to partake of a bountiful or not so bountiful feast, what was it that you were thankful for? Please comment.


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