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A Doctor Who Icon Has Died; RIP Mistress Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane, better known as actress Elisabeth Sladen passed away Tuesday, April 19, 2011 due to cancer at at the age of 63. Of all Doctor Who’s companions, Sarah Jane is perhaps the best known and most popular. Sarah Jane and K9 were the only companions of Doctor Who that I knew when I first got into the series. I really got into the show because my favorite incarnation of The Doctor, Tom Baker, was portraying him.

Sarah Jane was so popular amongst Doctor Who fans that she was rewarded with her own spin off show, The Sarah Jane Adventures. The show was geared to a younger audience but I found it more appealing than some of the programming the SyFy channel markets to adults. Sarah Jane’s popularity and TV show are reminiscent of the resurrection and popularity of Star Trek. It was 30 years between leaving Doctor Who and coming back in her own series.

The Sarah Jane Adventures can be seen on BBC America if you are interested and have never seen it.

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