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Singin’ In The Rain 60th Anniversary Screening

Earlier this year cable channel TCM screened a digitally enhanced 70th anniversary version of Casablanca. Coming this July 12th,  if you so choose you will be able to see Singin’ In The Rain digitally enhanced for it’s 60th anniversary. It is my belief that if you like the musical genre, and enjoyed Music Man, The Sound of Music; you will enjoy this too. On my list of musicals it ranks number two.

I believe it is Gene Kelly’s greatest work and I still find myself singing many of the songs from this film. My favorite songs are Singin’ In The Rain (also the best scene from the movie), and Good Morning. Debbie Reynolds, Cyd Charisse and Donald O’Connor are excellent in this film as well. Cyd Charisse made such an impression on Janet Jackson that she appeared in a cameo in her Alright video.

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The event begins with a Turner Classic Movies original production featuring TCM host Robert Osborne in an exclusive specially produced interview with star Debbie Reynolds. In this interview, audiences are taken behind the scenes of one of the greatest musicals of all time as Ms. Reynolds shares memories of working with the late great Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor.
Immediately following these exclusive behind the scenes extras be carried away by the songs, story and romance of one of the greatest musicals of all time – Singin’ in the Rain – as it graces the silver screen for only one night fully remastered and more beautiful than it ever has been before!
Don’t miss this timeless classic on the big screen for only one night on July 12th and celebrate the release of the Blu-Ray™ on July 17th.
*Additional matinee showings available at select movie theater locations. Check your local listings for details.

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Calling All Classic Movie Lovers. I Need Your Help With A Movie Title

Some time this month I watched a movie. I came in on it when it was probably two-thirds of the way through. I don’t even remember what station I was watching when I saw it. I looked through TCM’s schedule and could not find it and it was too late to check on AMC. If you could help me figure out the name of the movie so I can see if it is available on DVD, I would appreciate it greatly! Maybe there should be an App for this!

Apparently there was a woman who was stirring up trouble with stock owners of a this particular company and the Board of Directors thought that by giving her a job as an executive would stop her from causing trouble. Meanwhile the CEO of the company had resigned and was now working for the Federal government. She was enamored the CEO and the board sent her to see why he was not awarding the company with any government contracts.

She went to Washington, D.C. but with her own agenda. She wanted to bring him back and take back the company. They went to court and lost but because of all the friends she made with the stockholders, the gave her the right to vote proxy for them in any corporate meetings. She wound up running the company and firing the Board of Directors.

Does anyone know who starred in the movie or what the title is? Even if it isn’t available on DVD, I can watch out for it to air again so I can see the entire movie. Any and all help is welcome. Thanks.

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