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Time For A Morning Update

Update One

Blogging Honesty starts on May 1! If this is your first time hearing about this month long posting idea, please stop by the first post (31 Days of Blogging Honesty). So far I think there are about five people participating but I am not exactly sure.

Update Two

It is official. We are moving and April will be starting her new position in May. We are both excited about the move and look forward to new challenges and inspiration! The future of Morning Erection however has not been determined. I am taking steps to insure that if I decide the site can go on there will be no problems for April.

What this means? Starting today I will no longer mention April in any of my posts and when April starts work at her new job she will be using her maiden name. The rules regarding social networking at her job and what is appropriate internet behavior for her are some of the most strict I have ever seen. I don’t want this blog to be a hindrance to her and she doesn’t want me to have to give it up. Ain’t love grand?!

Update Three

I have decided to honor my word and still post those images I promised. More than just a few have scolded me for showcasing images on this blog that do not cater to women. Since I said that I would post them, I am keeping my word. Be forewarned; the second of the two posts is NSFW and I want to make that clear now! The second post is also password protected so only those truly interested need see the post. The password is sinep.

You will be able to access the second via King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s website. At her suggestion (see her comment below) I am letting her post the images. I am still fulfilling my promise to the ladies without offending those who wish not to see the images on Morning Erection.

Update Four

It doesn’t look like there will be an April guest post after all. Judy has been blessed with a great job and is very busy. I will let you know whether or not there will be a guest blogger in May and whom it might be later on this month My guest has not made a post on her blog since January so I am skeptical but optimistic.

If you have an inkling, I would love for you to take part in 31 Days of Blogging Honesty. Thanks for stopping by and continuing to frequent such an infrequently posted blog!

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Taking Your Suggestions

I’ve listened to your suggestions and I’ve decided to make a few changes to Morning Erection. Starting tomorrow I will be changing to a different theme. I’ve been told that I need to have a list of posts and categories to make finding older content easier for new and regular visitors.

So let it be written… so let it be done.

I need to use a theme that has a nice sized sidebar to house all of my categories. When I first started blogging I didn’t bother learning the difference between tags and categories and I have quite a few categories. When I look around at other blogs at most I’ve seen twenty or thirty. I have 498! Crazy I know.

Every time I find a theme I like I find something wrong with it. I chose Rubric but I hate the way the comment section looks. I like Rubric because it has the largest writing width of any other theme. I chose Enterprise because it’s the closest to the INove theme I’m using now, but still something about it I don’t like.

As of this minute I still haven’t decided yet, but you will see tomorrow because I’m committed to adding a sidebar. If I add a sidebar to the theme I’m using now, it makes the post area too small. All this is boring you, I know. I’m taking the advice of Jia and Rouge|Hero and try to show more posts. We’ll see what happens and thanks for sticking with me on this journey of mine!

The Guest blogger for October is Blaga Todorova from Scent Of My Heart. On October 2, 2010 be sure to come back and read what she has to say. I believe Blaga is the first person to volunteer to guest post for me. She is a great poet but her guest post is not just another poem. Blaga lets you in on a glimpse of herself and her poetry. If you have not been by her site after reading her poem posted on Poetic License, please do so now.

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