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Music Monday

Share And Share Alike

Tiffany from Life With Blondie started Music Mondays because Mondays just suck. Mondays aren’t too suckish for me but I did like the idea and I will be joining in. I, however will only be contributing once a month. I believe Tiffany and her other music crew will be posting each and every Monday.

Just recently I became acutely aware of something I have heard most of my life – that music is the universal language. Then I heard math was, but no tangents today. I always thought it meant instrumentals like Classical music but now I know that music in any language can be understood by the soul. It doesn’t matter if you understand the lyrics or not. In just the last few months I realized the full meaning of Longfellow’s quote. If you think you need to understand Malayalam, Spanish, Tagalog, English, Korean, Swahili, or Russian to feel the full effect of what the lyricist, vocalist or musician is trying to convey, you are mistaken. Music is felt not only in the mind but also the soul.

For the most part what I have been sharing is Jazz, Smooth Jazz. Even people who don’t like Classical or the so called ‘elevator music’ can enjoy some smooth jazz. So far all of the friends with whom I have shared songs by artists like Boney James, George Benson, Kenny G., Najee, Norman Brown, Chris Botti and Candy Dulfer have enjoyed the music. I have even shared vocal music by Prince, Babyface, Journey, Yolanda Adams and several other artists. In return I have gained exposure to several new artists myself. Thank you all who have shared with me.

In particular I have received music by Ellie Goulding, Fonseca, Rashid Ali, The Speaks, Eric Darius and many more from Bollywood movie soundtracks. Music truly is the universal language and so to is friendship a universal construct. Music touches us on a spiritual level as does the love of a friend.

I have provided a topic on my contact page. If you would like to exchange music links via YouTube to share with me and in turn receive the same from me, I would be happy to oblige. Just use the contact page and I will gladly share a few of my Smooth Jazz favorites. In return, I would like to know some of yours. Jazz, Smooth Jazz and Spanish Guitar Jazz are my favorites but feel free to share any and all.

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Tomorrow Is Sneak A Kiss Day! Pucker Up.

I’ve searched and searched but could not find the origin of this day. What I do know about Sneak A Kiss Day is nobody really needs a special day for kissing? Kissing is something that should be done every day, any day and for no other reason than because kissing is wonderful and showing your love through a kiss for friends, family and lovers is simply the right and proper thing to do. I dedicate this post to all my female visitors, followers and friends. Pucker up cause if I could, I would…

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Not Your Usual Russian Teen Post: Skywalking Teens

Whether you know it or not usually when you seen the words Russian and teens together you can expect to see naked Russian girls. Not so with this post, however you might prefer it to what these teens have been up to. These teenagers have a death wish and they have been self-captured doing all sorts of dangerous stunts.

Don’t try these at home either.

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