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A Doctor Who Icon Has Died; RIP Mistress Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane, better known as actress Elisabeth Sladen passed away Tuesday, April 19, 2011 due to cancer at at the age of 63. Of all Doctor Who’s companions, Sarah Jane is perhaps the best known and most popular. Sarah Jane and K9 were the only companions of Doctor Who that I knew when I first got into the series. I really got into the show because my favorite incarnation of The Doctor, Tom Baker, was portraying him.

Sarah Jane was so popular amongst Doctor Who fans that she was rewarded with her own spin off show, The Sarah Jane Adventures. The show was geared to a younger audience but I found it more appealing than some of the programming the SyFy channel markets to adults. Sarah Jane’s popularity and TV show are reminiscent of the resurrection and popularity of Star Trek. It was 30 years between leaving Doctor Who and coming back in her own series.

The Sarah Jane Adventures can be seen on BBC America if you are interested and have never seen it.

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The Replacements

Movies are a passion of mine and lately I have not had the chance to enjoy them like I usually do (I apologize on behalf of  my Roll Film page). I have been thinking about how much I miss watching movies and a thought entered my mind (I’m not used to that). I was thinking about sequels and the studios that make them. This is just a small rant on a non important subject considering the devastation in Japan. My heart and prayers go out to the entire country and especially those who lost family members.

I have a really huge problem with Hollywood studios who see the potential of a movie script and perhaps their franchise and don’t think far enough in advance. I really hate when I become accustomed to a character (mainly because of the actor/actress) playing the part and in the next movie they have been replaced. I hope there are others who feel the same way.

When Michael Keaton was passed over for the second incarnation of the Batman franchise I was extremely agitated. When Clooney stepped into the role it was laughable along with the movie itself. Nipples on the Batsuit – com’ on!

Timothy Dalton was picked to play James Bond because the farts over at Remington Steele wouldn’t let Pierce Brosnan out of his contract. Terence Howard was replaced by Don Cheadle because of a conflict. When I get attached to a character, I expect the same actress to be there to portray that character each and every time. Studios should have enough sense commit the actors they hire to a franchise contract with at least a five picture deal.

How many people would have seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels is Johnny Depp refused to sign on for the sequel? I don’t believe many. Depp was the movie. Downey Jr. is Iron Man. Shatner is Captain Kirk. Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter and so on.

Which replacement bothered you the most or perhaps none have bothered you? Chime in.

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The Closer To End With Season Seven

Kyra Sedgwick to end The Closer after season 7.

TNT announced about three weeks ago that this coming 2011 season of The Closer, starring Kyra Sedgwick will be the last for the successful cable drama. TNT has some great shows and The Closer is one of them. Kyra is excellent as the intuitive Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. This role won Kyra an Emmy in 2007. No matter what her reasons are for leaving the show, I do believe, unless she owns the show in some part, that the show can go on without her. I think they should let her character, Deputy Chief Johnson, find a replacement.

At least give the show one more season to prove that the actress replacing her can fill her shoes and keep the ratings high. Law & Order made it common practice to change district attorneys, police chiefs, and officers. Will anyone else beside myself be sad to see The Closer’s demise?

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