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Breaking My Own Rule – Again

Dear Friends,

I have a self-imposed rule about posting more than once during any given day. On occasion I have broken that rule for what I felt was a good reason. Also, I know that the people who both follow and comment here are some of the most kind-hearted in the entire world universe! For that reason I am asking you to visit (bombard would be a better word) a new-found friend’s blog.

She has an illness that she has written about in her latest post, Illness, and I think it would great if she could receive some encouragement and friendly conversation from other bloggers. She is still in high school and I encourage mothers, and other bloggers in her age group to head on over there (27unspokenwords) and say hello. I’m going to assume she is still in school right now and it would be a pleasant surprise for her when she visits her blog this afternoon or tonight and sees the outpouring of kindness. I thank any of you, all of you who stop by her place. And as for you guys are concerned; have a great weekend!



A Prayer For The Philippines

A significant number of my blogging friends are from the Philippines. If you have not heard there is a large death toll (650 people, mostly children and women) due to strong storms that caused flash flooding while most were sleeping. There are also over 800 still missing.

It was late in the rainy season for Tropical Storm Washi when flash flooding down mountain slopes causing trees to be uprooted trees and swelling rivers that caused the death of hundreds. What is great about blogging is also bad about blogging. I know my friends live in the Philippines but not exactly where. I don’t know whether to breath a sigh of relief or be concerned. I feel for the family’s that have lost loved ones yet I am still left wondering if any of the devastation has touched anyone I know.

This is a busy time of the year and blogging gives way to more important things. because of that lots of people don’t check in, visit blogs or even update their own blogs. I just pray and I ask that you do too, that anyone I know and that they know is safe and secure.

I also ask my friends to make it known that they are safe.

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